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A Message to Readers

As of today this website will no longer be open to comments from readers.  Its original intention was to publish little known facts about Job Corps mismanagement and initiate dialogue from persons who know it best: those who have worked/are working there or those who were/are students.  Another goal was the hope that someday an investigative report would be initiated by a reporter who would bring these problems to light to the American public in order to begin the process of needed improvement to Job Corps.

A reporter’s best arsenal includes verifiable facts and validated testimonies from people therefore, I believe the purpose of this site would best be served to include verifiable facts without commentary.  Changing the site in way is keeping it more true to its original goal of being an agent of change.

A thank you to all the readers who have left insightful comments or dialogue.  Please check back as there will be continued factual updates about Job Corps performance ratings and news reports that are not widely carried by the press.

Andrea for Job Corps Fraud


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