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-from Glenn

I recently stumbled upon this site, just a few weeks ago, and have been trying to read all the various posts and comments. I retired a couple years ago from an organization that is very involved in the Job Corps Program. In my opinion, there are to many program and contractor related inaccuracies on this site for it to be considered credible, or taken seriously.

-from Job Corps Fraud

Thanks for your comment.  We rely heavily on Office of the Attorney General Reports (OIG) that are printed in semi-annual Reports to Congress, statements from former and present Congressmen/women, Senators during Legislative Hearings, and official published statistical analyses that prove Job Corps success rates were inflated in the past and are continuing in the present and, in fact these reports also assert Job Corps students are little or no better off after completing the program.  Washington D.C. economists have also published reports in journals that state the same information. Without these published reports, this site would not exist. You may access most of the these reports on this site. (The audit reports from the Office of the Inspector General kowever, only go back a few years instead of all the way back to 1978).  It appears that the organization you were involved with did not have access to “behind the scenes, actual goings-on” in Job Corps as many of the students and staff commenting here.  You, as an outsider looking in, are obviously not in the position to to give any first-hand, eye-witness accounts as many of us are able to.  We actually experienced the “trickle-down” effects of contractor’s greed and were unwilling parties to false reporting to the DOL. I encourage you to carefully read more of the website and especially look at OIG Reports, Legislative Reports, Research Reports and Books.  After you read the factual, statistical information thoroughly on this site, please write back.  It’s so important to know the facts before sharing hasty opinions. You may also access the OIG Reports going back to 1979 here: After clicking on any year, type the words “Job Corps” in the “Find” box.  Some of us are the employees who made those complaints. Hope this helps.

-from Howard

Specifically, which comments were inaccurate? If you have not actually worked at a Job Corps, then you don’t have a very good reference point from which to speak. I agree with Andrea on that point.

I know that my posts are accurate. I have worked in the Job Corps system for many yrs, at five different centers for four different contractors. I have visited many centers and know a lot of staff, present and past. I know the workings of a center and what goes on behind the scenes, at the center, corporate and government levels – I have written contract proposals and Job Corps curricula and have held responsible positions.

What, in your opinion, are inaccuracies on this site?


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  1. Royce says:

    i smiled the entire time i was reading Lana’s story. i graduated 4 years ago from Sierra Nevada Job Corps center,and i can tell you i was a lost 17 year old girl before the program. it does work if you take it seriously.The program gives you every incentive to succeed. the moment you give up on youself is when the program flops,as with anything else you apply yourself to. after graduating in 06′ i stayed for an advanced level in medical office support, leaving as a certified health unit coordinator. even though i worked breifly in the the medical field before deciding to move into banking customer service for a financial institution, (which happens to be one of worlds largest) i am also a success story. in the several years ive worked for this company ive become an account supervisor,something i know would not have happened if not for job corps and the path that it lead me towards after completing. the tools given in that program prepared me for a reality of what being an adult ment.job corps helped me understand what priorties are better than my parents could ever explain to me in one of our many life talks. this program was my training wheels into the REAL WORLD….so when i completed i was ready for the ride. i can honestly say i owe my success to the program.looking in the mirror now compared to at 17 being that lost little girl i once was. im exactly the person i knew deep inside i had the potental to be,i just didn’t know how.i hope you post my story as well.


  2. lana says:

    I was a student at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps and it was the best decision I have made in my life. It taught me how to be a better person and job skills. I am a house wife and a Group Exercise Instructor. I enjoy the house wife aspect of my life and I hope one day my husband will even be an instructor for his union in Job Corps as he currently teaches for his union. I have friends that have graduated from the program: 1. is going to be a NP 2. works for Payless Shoes as a Supervisor 3. Manger of a Restuarant 4. Works as a manager in Walmart and is going to school 5. Works in the union as a Big Machine Operator It trully depends on your choices but Job Corps can work and it does. It comes down to a desire to make it work if you want it to. I also have another friend who works for Peace Corps and another one is a Preschool teacher. A few more are in the US military. I am proud to say I went to Job Corps and the fact it changed my life. The strict schedule gave me consistency and the system to get a gold card worked for me. If I messed up I did get in trouble, but when I did do good I was rewarded. Job Corps made me a better person and a better mother. I know not everyone can do it or will get a better life from it, but I think I can say I have seen this program work for quite a few people and it did help the government by creating tax payers that pay taxes. Thank you for your time. Lana


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