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Anti-Job Corps Protests at Center (2008) Iroquois Job Corps Center

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Back in 2008 former employees, students, others and an attorney picketed outside the Iroquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York.  The center is managed by ETR (Education and Training Resources).  Some of the complaints involved mismanagement by high level staff, discrimination and unfair discharge policies.

Six former employees and one student  from Iroquois had filed charges in the past against the center with the New York State Office of Human Rights and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Attorney Michael O’Keefe, representing the former plaintiffs was present at the protest. All cases were allegedly investigated” and discharged with a ruling of no probable cause. Attorney Michael O’ Keefe said:

“In my opinion Division of Human Rights did not investigate properly.”

Rhett Dallas, with corporate support from the Boston Regional Office of the Department of Labor said:

“Since ETR — Educational and Training Resources — took over the center on Jan. 1, 2005, the Iroquois Job Corps has climbed from the 117th ranked position to 40th. “When the numbers come out next week, we’re going to be higher,” Dallas said, attributing the center’s success to good management”.

In my opinion, such a meteoric rise in three short years can also be attributed to high pressure on employees to produce more, and new ways to manipulate numbers on the part of the contractors.  If we are to believe all the published newspaper reports and Office of the Inspector General’s Audit Report findings of number manipulation and fraud posted on this website and the internet it appears that something seriously has gone awry here. Shouldn’t someone have questioned what methods the center used to rise above the ranks so quickly?

Job Corps is in the business of protecting it’s image at all costs, and it is a well known fact that many Job Corps Centers have incestuous relationships with their local press and DOL authorities.  It is our hope that someday, all of Job Corps’ wrongdoing will be brought to light to the American public.  For me, having seven claimants hire an attorney and having all seven cases dismissed is a cause for suspicion and great concern.  When will someone wake up and investigate the investigators?


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  1. Nancy says:

    ETR, now having this center will make NO DIFFERENCE, at Oneonta there are still discharges that are unfounded, they set up their snitches to throw people under the bus who arent afraid of them. Then discharge people for no reason, OR misrepresent jobs to get people to take them. SO MUCH MISMANGEMENT AND LIES that any center run by ETR could never be a good place to work, or send your job corps student to.


  2. Thanks so much for your important post!


  3. Edward says:

    When I spoke to OIG last year, they told me they were suspicious about the meteoric rise in the rankings by Iroquois Job Corps. They also found evidence of number manipulation involving “phantom” students. During my tenure there, there were several instances of students appearing on the student pay and active rosters who were never enrolled at the center.One of these students built up over $600.00 in student pay before he was finally removed from the roster. Even with this evidence, no one was held accountable and everything was dismissed as administrative oversights. DOL is aware what goes on there but they continue to protect them for some reason.


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