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Howard’s Newest Comment About Angell Job Corps and its Murders

-from Howard

Interesting that on this site there is an account of a murder committed by Angell Job Corps students and another account of an attempted murder by an employee of the center ten years later. What other Job Corps center has that kind of history? Yes, Job Corps students have murdered other people, but usually not while they are students at a center. This center sounds like a magnet for psychopaths.

Also interesting, is the fact that the center never reported the student missing, even though he was a minor at the time, until weeks later. This student was AWOL and was not designated as such until the next morning when he was listed as not being present at bed-check. It was too late by that time. However, he did not have a pass to leave center and should have been noted as off-center almost immediately because most dorms have meetings in the evening hours. Sometimes two meetings: one right before or after dinner, and one before bed-time and lights out. Attendance is taken at those times for student accountability purposes. If people are missing, then a search should have been made. His life might have been saved.

Also, the staff who should have known something was amiss, were, in my opinion, highly negligent. They sound like a group of incompetents who were not aware of this population’s penchant for this kind of trouble, and in particular, were unaware of advanced indicators that were probably “out there” regarding the murderers.

They were probably not too street smart in their questioning of these and other students – if they ever did question anybody. In a Job Corps center, staff have to keep their eyes and ears open and have relationships with students who can give them information when it is needed. Staff on this center were just covering up for themselves, by not reporting him missing and giving conflicting information to his family.


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  1. Trevor Campbell says:

    I totally agree with you Howard on this one. It’s a fact that even the simplest mismanagement, such as failure of marking which students are actually where they’re supposed to be, can lead to trouble. Of course they’d cover everything up by not reporting him missing, notifying the family, or probably having some kind of hope he’d return safely and pretend like nothing happened. This program will do anything to keep explicit details about it as silent as possible.

    However, any centre would probably do this kind of shady behaviour & defend themselves as much as possible.


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