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Reader’s Comments from August 14, 2010

-from Stuart to Z

The New York Times recently printed an article about “inexperienced companies” taking advantage of school reform funds. Didn’t take long for Adams (Adams and Associates) to get in line to pig out at this trough.

Wait and see how long it will take MTC (Management and Training Corporation) to find a charter to run. MTC already runs many prisons in, guess where. TEXAS. No surprise there.

With a Secretary of Education like Arne Duncan, don’t expect a decent education system in this country. He and Adams and Associates are too busy dumbing down education and training and the students who “graduate”. Pathetic waste of tax payer money. Our Secretary of Labor is no better.

Mr. Z, if you’re from Little Rock, please write a Letter to the Editor of the paper, so the public can become aware of the truth – or let them know about this website.


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