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Reader’s Controversial Comments About Martin Gross’s Statements

These are few comments from yesterday’s post about Martin Gross’s interview and “Job Corps  and the Government Racket”.  I remain fascinated that Job Corps supporters and detractors are so passionately polarized.  Having worked in two different Job Corps Centers: Shriver in Devens, MA and Kittrell, NC I feel aptly qualified to say I saw for myself the waste, inefficiency and focus on numbers to the detriment of the students. I am thinking that Job Corps most passionate defenders have never worked inside a Job Corps Center? I can’t believe that anyone would have been an employee and still wholeheartedly defend its purpose.  Only an outsider, not privy to the inner workers of these contractor cash cows would make a statement such as the following:

-from Marianne

So many good kids take advantage of the Job Corps opportunity, do the hard work, follow the rules, get their GEDs or HS diplomas and tech certifications. Any good program has its failures, detractors and disappointments. But Job Corps is just about the only safe place left for youth who have fallen through the cracks of school & society.

Even on the most poorly-run center – and there are some, as well as superbly-run centers – the program works for kids who take it seriously. And on every single center there are dedicated staff who love the kids, believe in them, and love their jobs. Why? Because the program works, the opportunity is there, and it’s a great second chance for tens of thousands of kids each year.

Win some, lose some. At Job Corps there are more winners than losers by far. I dare you to prove otherwise!!

-from Andrea, Job Corps Fraud

We do not dispute that there are success stories from Job Corps. However, there are two sides to every story and the “other side” of Job Corps must be told. There is too much propoganda and illusions about this program in the press today. Please, I urge you to click around this site and read research studies done by scientists and reputable economists who have studied Job Corps extensively. Instead of challenging me, read the factual reports on this site. Thanks so much. I think the site speaks for itself. Andrea for Job Corps Fraud

-from Nancy

Exactly whose butt are you trying to KI##,  the Job Corps have had historically SUCH a LOW %%% of success that it DOES NOT make any of them worth the money that spent on them.  Stop drinking the Kool Aid, and WAKE UP.  And STOP most importantly condoning STEALING from honest tax payers by this program.

-from Harold


“I dare you to prove otherwise!!” ? Just look at the statistical reports, the OMS10, which is bogus anyway, and you will see the proof right there. If the statistics weren’t manipulated for that report, the results would be even worse.

Andrea is correct – unless you have worked in the system, as I have for many years, you have no idea what is really going on.

“Only safe place left” – I’ve been on centers where students rioted, assaults and beat-downs were common, gang activity flourished, drugs were rampant, and even a death occurred. These centers are not as safe as you might want people to believe. They are understaffed, especially after class and on week-ends, when most of the negative behavior happens. If you knew where to look for student accounts of what goes on “after hours” you would see the truth.

Marianne, you seem to be someone who wants to present a different picture of Job Corps to the public. Be honest, are you a contractor, a parent or a naive employee who doesn’t see the forest for the trees? Maybe you have a job at a Job Corps because you have a political patronage job and are protected for awhile anyway. If you are an employee, save your money – chances are your day will come and you will be unemployed too like so many others.


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  1. marianne sorensen says:

    OK, guys – I’ve worked (very hard) at a well-run center since 1995 and stand by all my statements, most of my colleagues, so many of the folks in our communities who help us train our kids and employ our grads, and the vast majority of the thousands of students who have come my way over the past 15 years.

    Yes, it’s also big business. And big business needs to be held accountable. Let’s keep it up.

    Yes, contractors deserve constant vigilance. But even when they’re not doing what they should – those wonderful kids in our dorms and classrooms and shops need us to work with them because they can succeed and be on their way to productive lives.

    Yes, there are abuses, and staff who care about the mission should blow whatever whistles they need to. It’s been my experience that integrity wins the day. When it doesn’t, I guess integrity is its own reward.

    Yes, some centers do not enforce discipline, and they are the losers – as are the kids, who welcome the structure and the rules and the environment that makes it possible for them to learn and grow.

    Yes, you have a right to point out what is wrong – absolutely. And I have the right to point out what is right.

    Just let us not not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Crooked doctors do not keep me away from my own good doctor. Crooked law enforcement people do not keep me from supporting the good guys on the force in my hometown. Counterfeiters have not caused me to give up on money.

    So Job Corps fraud does not cause me to give up on the Job Corps program or on our youth.

    I thought that was what your website was all about.

    But I have a right to point to the courageous, hard-working,


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