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Management and Training Corporation and Sexual Discrimination (2006)

Michelle Davis was an instructor at the Charleston West Virginia Job Corps managed by Management and Training Corporation (MTC).  She and her husband, Mervin filed a lawsuit against MTC alleging sexual harassment, discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.

Mak sure to read about this lawsuit here:


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  1. Nancy says:

    This Job Corps blog is GREAT and informative. People who worked there can comment on “whenever” and “whatever” they saw. It’s important to hear both NEW comments and to SEE the history of Job Corps failure, $$$ abuse – and going back into the past some is OK too. Because, it shows OR SHOULD how long this abuse and misuse of taxpayers dollars has gone on. If you are or ever have been an American taxpayer. The waste and lying about it that you see here NOW, and in the past should make you petition and write every congressman, senator, the president, the OIG, whoever you can contact to try and close the Job Corps and bring these tax dollars back to using them for something USEFUL


  2. Lynn Garber says:

    Is the date on the article correct – 2006? That’s over 4 1/2 years ago so why are you reporting it now. Your blog should be up-to-date info, not the old stuff you put in.


    • Thanks for your comment. The purpose of this blog is to be a one-stop place for researchers, educators, parents, students, interested parties and others. If it is going to be a complete repository of “other” information, it will eventually contain all the press about Job Corps that has been hidden from view from the average reader… perhaps reaching back all the way to the 1960’s! There is so much that has been witheld and minimized in the press, this blog will highlight all the Job Corps information that has been so conveniently left out for the past 40 years.


    • Harold says:

      I think the purpose of including these older articles is to let the public know that fraud and abuse in Job Corps has been on-going for many yrs and even though attention has been brought to these issues, not just by the public, but by Congressional representatives as well, nothing has been done. Matters have even gotten worse.

      Unless you have worked in the Job Corps system for many, many years, you would have no comprehension of the evolution of this sub-standard training program and government collusion with contractors at the highest levels.


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