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A Reader’s Opinion on Little Rock Job Corps Center and Adams and Associates

-from Perplexed


I totally disagree with you on the youth not knowing that Job Corps is an inferior program. The youth are well aware and very smart. Unfortunately they just can’t do any better and a lot of them do not have anywhere else to go. The facilities are improving considerably. For instance the Little Rock Job Corps Center is a top rated facility only 2 years old, modern everything.  However, the people at fault are the government contractors. They should be considered as the modern day Pimps. This contractor Adams and Associates Inc. is pimping the students, staff, and all taxpayers. Everyone should look into the operations of this contractor and its management style. Most of the Job Corps facilities are not run by the government but by private for profit contractors. That don’t care about the youth or the taxpayers hard earned dollars. The bottom line is they care about their bottom line. That is a great profit for them.  There is much fraud, waste, and abuse of students and staff. It is true, not much training or education is taking place at the Little Rock Center. Students graduate and yet not know how to read or write. Somehow they manage to become top students in their graduating class from this center. This happens because the center is ran on favoritism and the buddy system. Government Contractors are awarded on the least bid. Adams bid very low because they don’t pay their staff not paying your staff you have very high turnover. Therefore, you get a less quality program and people who may start out caring and doing the best they can will either leave, stop caring and doing least as possible until they can leave. Staff at this center is not appreciated so therefore it reflects in the high turnover.

I wish the government would take all Job Corps back over. This might bring a better quality to educating and truly help our disadvantage youth. The concept of Job Corps is great. I just wish that it would take the Pimping Contractors out of the centers.

Dear Perplexed, Please make sure to go to the tabs at the top of this page and click on “Search by Topic” look for Adams and Associates and also Shriver Job Corps Center. This ruthless contractor has had a lot of negative press on this website. Andrea from Job Corps Fraud…


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