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Reader’s comments to Treasure Island Worker’s Union files unfair labor charge

-From Harold

At Iroquois Job Corps, management staff were required to give up weekends on a rotating basis to act as “duty officer”. They also had to come in on weekends to oversee the return of students from breaks and participate in searching luggage for various contraband. Because they were salaried employees, there was no OT pay, nor was any comp time granted.

In fact, one could not earn comp time at any time working for ETR. This was not the case yrs ago with other corporations that ran Job Corps centers. There were enough staff on centers to manage the center on week ends and to do searches. Over-working the management staff and denying hourly staff their breaks has developed over the years and is obviously condoned by the government. This is a common finding in OIG reviews but other than paying a fine now and then, nothing is done about it.

Performance evaluations are a joke: evaluations are made to conform to previous subjective evaluations, the purpose of which is to manage the money available for favored employees. This has been going on for many, many, yrs. One of the vice presidents of a Job Corps contractor, was mentor for some of the most horrible managers in ETR (Education and Training Resources). This vice president was originally trained many yrs ago,in some of the most terrible management techniques you could imagine, while working for a contractor that is no longer in the JC business. Those techniques are still in practice today and have gotten worse. This vice president is probably working behind the scenes someplace in the Job Corps System today.

-From Andrea at Job Corps Fraud

The Office of the Inspector General does not have jurisdiction over breaks and violations of Federal Wage and Hour laws.  It’s focus is very narrow and limited to fraud, number manipulation etc.  (See complaints Tab above). Federal Wage and Hour Laws oversee the hourly workers at a workplace. And, the State Attorney General’s office also oversees labor laws, hourly workers and may or may not include some salaried worker’s rights.  Massachusetts does have separate laws governing breaks for some salaried workers, not all states do.  In the Massachusetts General Laws, employees and their bosses are still called “Master and Servant” in some places. So, not all issues are protected.  It would be important to call your State Attorney General’s Office to find out about violations of Labor Laws as it relates to hourly workers because there may be a statute of limitations. (A certain time-frame where one is allowed to still ask that an investigation be held). I believe in Massachusetts it’s two years.


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