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June 18, 2010 Job Corps Readers Comments

Regarding Education and Training Resources and Iroquois Job Corps Center:


“ETR has been the contractor at Iroquois since January 2005. They take no interest in the students or staff at the center. During my tenure working for ETR which covered four and a half years, their president and other top corporate staff set foot on center around nine or ten times. That is incredible to me. We were never even trained on our jobs until two months after they took over operations. They could care less about all of the staff members lives they have ruined and the futures of the students after they leave center. The DOL is very much aware what is going on at Iroquois but for some reason just turns their head.”

Regarding Injuries and Workmen’s Compensation at Job Corps:


“Has anyone ever heard of someone getting hurt at job corp and going on Workmen’s Compensation??? PLEASE HELP ME.. What happened to everything?? My e-mail is WRITE ME THERE THANXXX.”


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