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“Job Corps Leaves Us Concerned” (2008) Oneonta Job Corps Center

Read all the concerns from the

A few excerpts:

“We’re concerned that the local center, which is designed to prepare young men and women for the work force by offering education and vocational training, is being badly led and administrated.”

“We’re concerned that the Department of Labor ranked the nearly three-decade-old facility 94th out of 122 national Job Cops centers for the program year ending June 30.”

“We’re concerned that the overwhelming majority of the Oneonta program’s students are from New York City rather than from our area and that only now are halting steps being made to attract local youngsters.”

“We’re concerned that during the program year covered by the evaluation, 157 of the 509 students enrolled at OJCA were expelled for disciplinary reasons.”

“We’re concerned that some of those who have been expelled have stayed in our area and have been arrested for dealing illegal drugs.”

Oneonta Job Corps Center is managed by Education and Training Resources


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  1. Nancy says:

    ETR the latest contractors to the oneonta job corps, are CROOKS. The center director is a GREAT speaker, but as in to the coverup type atmosphere as ever. He is good at “offering free things to the students”. The problem is none of this ever really helps them become over all productive members of the community. On the whole for what they achieve at Oneonta, every dollar spent would accomplish as much if “you took a match to it and set it on fire”.. How nice during this SAD economic time for the American Tax payer to be CHEATED AGAIN AND AGAIN , by these type of swindlers. NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER IN 30 YEARS at the Oneonta Job Corps, It needs to be shut down, if for no other reason to stop the stealing done by the administrative staff.


    • Jose says:

      ETR is being protected by the DOL for some reason. During their reign of terror at Iroquois, none of their corrupt practices were fully investigated and none of the staff responsible for carrying out these practices were terminated.I had evidence of incriminating e-mails sent by center management threating staff with their jobs if the spoke to DOL or OIG during their audits of the center. I spoke with an OIG auditor about this and explained that I did not have copies of the e-mails. However, I was told that these e-mails could be easily accessed by simply requesting them through the Freedom of Information Act. I plan on pursuing this myself, but I am curious why OIG did not investigate this matter. I would think it would have been extremely significant to them. Both OIG and DOL sent e-mails to staff prior to their audits stating that we should feel free to discuss center activities without repercussions from center management.
      Unfortunately, OIG is part of DOL and that is probably why nothing ever comes of these audits.


  2. Victor says:

    ETR has been the contractor at Iroquois since January 2005. They take no interest in the students or staff at the center. During my tenure working for ETR which covered four and a half years, their president and other top corporate staff set foot on center around nine or ten times. That is incredible to me. We were never even trained on our jobs until two months after they took over operations. They could care less about all of the staff members lives they have ruined and the futures of the students after they leave center. The DOL is very much aware what is going on at Iroquois but for some reason just turns their head.


    • Harold says:

      I once worked for a company that came to center once a month to meet with the admin staff, tour the center, dorms and classrooms, and introduce themselves to all staff. They actually discussed what was going on in all the program and admin areas and treated people with a modicum of respect – until they got too big and corrupt to have a relationship with their employees. They are now out of the Job Corps business – no surprise.


  3. Josephine says:

    How is the latest contractor doing at Oneonta? ETR is the same company that runs Iroquois Job Corps and the Corporate Liaison for Oneonta is the same person who oversaw Iroquois for the last five years – and we know all about the complaints under her watch at Iroquois.

    This 2008 article just quotes the same concerns that have been in existence since Oneonta Job Corps opened about thirty yrs ago. Wake up Oneonta, nothing is going to change unless the taxpayer/voters decide to do something about it.

    The conservative corporation that runs the center, ETR, will continue to fleece the taxpayers of this country because they can. Conservatives love to criticize “big government”, but they are first in line when it comes to handouts like Job Corps contracts.

    They don’t give a damn about the population they serve, just the profits they can generate at taxpayer expense. Pigs at the trough.

    We’ve all seen how government oversight and regulation work. Just look at the mines, oil drilling, Arizona border issues, the big banks, etc. Big business runs this country and buys off our legislators – Job Corps is just another symptom of our society run amuck.

    These Job Corps contractors are smart enough to know that creating a positive PR program will fool people into believing that the Job Corps system is on par with other training programs. In reality, Job Corps centers are nothing but underfunded ghettos created by our Federal “government” to keep lower class people in line and forever stupid. Just another charade.

    Ask any millionaire if they would send their children to Job Corps and then when they say “no”, ask them why. The reasons they will give are what’s wrong with Job Corps.


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