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Message to Job Corps Readers

Do you have a story about Job Corps?  Do you know of anyone who was terminated for speaking out against illegal or corrupt Job Corps practices? Have you witnessed mistreatment of students?  Readers are invited to submit your story here.  Your name will not be published unless requested.  However, I must have your real name and Email address for verification purposes.  Please contact me at

Together, we can bring the wastefulness and wrongdoing to light.


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  1. Harold says:


    Contact your federal senators and congresspeople. Contact the Secretary of Labor and the National Director of Job Corps, Edna Primrose. Contact the Regional Job Corps Director of Sierra Nevada Job Corps which is located in San Francisco – the phone # is 415-625-2600. Management and Training Corporation is the company that runs the center. It is located in Centerville, Utah and the phone # is 801-693-2600. Be prepared to be stonewalled by these people.


  2. Victor says:

    Thanks for your insightful and valuable post Melissa. As you may have discovered if you read some of the other posts on this blog, you are certainly not alone in your sentiments toward Job Corps. It is a shame because if run properly, it could be a great program. The contractors that operate the centers care nothing about the welfare of the students. It is just a money making venture for them.
    Good luck with whatever methods you choose to bring these injustices to light.


  3. Melissa says:

    I am supplying a copy of the letter that I have just emailed to Kenneth Dugan, director of Sierra Nevada Job Corps, Reno Nevada. I have literally been home 2 hours after driving to Reno to pick up my son. My son, Stephen, has only been there since the 2nd of this month. In the past three weeks, we have been lied to, he has been threatened, and while we picked him up today, we were treated as garbage by the security staff. The facts in this letter are the truth and can be backed up by the journal I have kept, the witnesses I have that were present for both myself and my son and the websites I have been to. I am an educated woman, currently obtaining my bachelors in Psychology and currently in possession of my MA Certification. I was treated as an ignorant nuisance and told by their “security” to get my facts straight. Please pass this letter on and help me to help the next child before they get there. Thanks.

    Re: Stephen and Sierra Nevada Job Corps lack of Responsibility and negligence

    Mr. Dugan,

    I am respectfully writing to you to voice my distaste, distrust and total disillusionment in your facilities, staff and misrepresentation. I will also be sending a copy of this letter to every media source, government official and parent group that I can, in order to bring attention to the lack of credibility your organization has shown.

    My son, Stephen , became a student at your Sierra Nevada facilities on June 2, 2010. He has waited for that day for very close to a year. He diligently jumped through every hoop and process that was asked of him. He did so believing that Job Corps would bring him even closer to his career in the Air Force, but earlier than anticipated and with more training then other recruits. He believed this because of the promises of your recruiter, Dalia; this is what she promised not only Stephen, but his father, his uncle and me. She gave us all exactly the same convincing facts, promises and testimonials of past “success stories”. He eagerly wrote his essay, outlining his goals, his reasons and his expectations. He checked in weekly, as required. He counted down the days, the weeks and then, finally, the hours. He proudly packed, took his first plane and then wondered where he was when the bus finally stopped at a location that looked nothing like the brochures and web sites that his recruiter, Dalia, had given him. Overlooking that, he anticipated his first day.

    Today is June 26, 2010, Stephen has been there for well over three weeks and in the time he has spent there he has found the recreation center, the “cafeteria” and his dorm. He had one outing where he saw the mall and Wal- mart and has had one class on job search and resumes. We are all waiting for the promised education and trade services to begin. Stephen had gone to Job Corps, with the intention of securing a spot in Security enforcement services, but was told that because of many program mandated rules, he would not be eligible for that trade. Dalia had introduced that trade to Stephen, knowing his goals explicitly and assuring him that it would be the right trade for him. When that promise was broken, Stephen felt foolish for even considering Job Corps, but was told of the facility in White Plains, New Mexico. There was still hope; he would just transfer, he was once again reassured, until the rest of the story began to come out. He was then told by his Air Force Recruiter that should he follow through with his education at Job Corps, he would cause himself to become ineligible for the Air Force. Apparently, Job Corps is not accredited and does not offer a traditional diploma to its students. Apparently, if he receives his GED, he knocks himself out of the running for a lot of things. It was explained to all of us, that once a GED is obtained, it makes any subsequent diplomas non-traditional. It also causes credits to become ineligible for transfer. When talking to Robin Boller, and expressing his concern and the idea of returning home to go back to a traditional high school, he was told that if he left he would be responsible for the return trip and the school would be out $5,000.00 for him not returning. I could get into the inappropriateness of that comment, but I believe it is self explanatory. Why she would believe that a 17 year old would even be concerned about that is beyond me. He was sent to speak to his counselor, Paul, and due to language barriers, is not really sure what was accomplished there. Both Stephen’s father and I have tried to talk to Paul and quite honestly have experienced the same barriers. I do know now that one call was to verify our permission for overnight passes. He was sent to a “Armed Services Transition” person, who by the way, confirmed everything that the recruiter said, and was made even more upset by the lack of guidance and understanding that he was shown by your staff. The only “adult” that showed compassion and empathy to my child was his RHO, Joe. Thank God for Joe or my son would have had a complete breakdown.

    During or while all of this was happening, Stephen was confronted by a 20 – something year old student by the name of Chris , Chris’s friend Billy and 13 of their friends, because Stephen laughed at a comment made by a female classmate. Stephen laughed, did not participate, but laughed. Chris and Billy (and crew), have since threatened, harassed, spit at, shoved and generally made life a living hell for my child. As an example, while working in the cafeteria, the threats and actions became more aggressive. When reported to Linda, the Cafeteria Supervisor, he was told that because she didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. When reported to the lovely Ms. Boller, he was basically dismissed without an answer. Again, the only adult to listen and give Stephen guidance was Joe, the RHO.

    I would first like to point out; Assault and Battery of a minor is a FELONY. Not a misunderstanding, not a nuisance, not a case of bullying. It is a FELONY. Sputum is considered a bio hazard. It can carry disease and is also the most recognizable form of disrespect worldwide. He has been called names and even told by Billy, that once he is dropped off at the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas, that Billy and friends have every intention of “Jumping” Stephen. Again, a minor child is being threatened with bodily injury by an adult, attending your facility.

    This has gone on for THREE weeks, Mr. Dugan, and your staff has done nothing but share Linda’s philosophy that if it was not seen, then it never happened. On Friday, June 25, 2010, Chris, Billy, a female companion and their friends, entered Stephens Dorm and requested the room that Stephen was in, or for another resident, Joe, to go get him. Luckily for Stephen, Joe stood his ground and refused to do either. Those same 15 people finally located Stephen in your rec room and again threatened him, or rather the female companion did. Even after Stephen informed them once again that he was 17, proved it by showing his ID, they continued to harass him. My first question here is where is the adult supervision that I was promised when I gave permission for him to go?

    Not wanting to worry his father and me, Stephen had been giving us the water downed version of this story that is until last night. When they threatened him in the Rec Room, Stephen called us for advice. I became so enraged; I located the number for your facility and also the Reno Police Department. I called the facilities at 8:00 a.m.; I spoke to a very rude receptionist and was transferred to a security guard, named Ben, who informed me that on the weekends he was in charge. I told, Ben, the story and informed him of my intention to next call the police department. He asked for a chance to take care of it. He let me know that this was the first that he had heard, would gather the boys and get the story and take care of it properly. I told Ben that I would give him 1 hour, I had already given the school three weeks and you had all failed Stephen and me miserably. Again I wondered to myself why a responsible adult would not contact security at the first hint of trouble. Unfortunately, the only answer I can come up with is the fact, that for the exception of a few, you have no responsible adults supervising or attending Sierra Nevada Job Corps. . Ben contacted Stephen at 9:30 a.m. and gathered statements from Stephen, Chris and Billy. At that time, all three boys were locked down to their dorms for the weekend. All three of them, including my child, who, so far has handled this with great maturity, were being punished, whether intentionally or not. As Stephen explained to us what had taken place in their meeting, he also informed us that Ben had said that Stephen was free to leave tonight, but at his own expense. When that became our preferred course of action, Ben changed his story to, Stephen would have to receive permissive documents and that they could take up to 3 or 4 days. I do not and will not ask anyone’s permission to take my son. I do not care what your policies are and why they are in place, as apparently it is not important for any procedure to be enforced or followed at Sierra Nevada. As far as I can tell the contract between Job Corps and my son has already been broken by your staff and cannot be enforced.

    I have been to many websites that give testimony from former and current students, employees and parents. I have heard the horror stories, read the ramifications and seen for myself that many stories reported were incredibly similar to my son’s. I am ashamed that while Dalia had my son jumping and doing his homework to get in to Job Corps, I failed to do mine as a parent and research it more carefully. I have prided myself in the maturity, compassion, independence and decorum that my teenagers extend every day. I am disgusted that in one month, because of your total lack of disregard, I have been proven a liar. I have told them that when there is trouble, rather than resorting to violence, involve an adult, follow the proper chain of command and by doing so, you will never fail. Instead, by following my instructions, he caused himself more harm and absolutely no good.

    As it has by now been discovered, we have already been to Sierra Nevada and picked up our son. Seeing firsthand how grossly misrepresented the facilities were, I can only imagine what else I have not been told. The reason that we decided not to wait until Friday, July 2, 2010, when he would be home for his summer break, was that once again, Chris had decided the rules and punishments did not apply to him and was outside Dorm 20’s windows, taunting my son. The only adult to fill out a statement and to remind Chris of his punishment was once again, RHO Joe. When Stephen called home to inform of the confrontation last night, I myself, spoke to Joe. I had to reassure him that I did not file a statement with Reno Police Department, as he had been told. I had called them to ask the proper way to handle this, let them know that we were coming to get our son and that we did not know what to expect. I told Joe that if any further action had been taken, it was done by your facilities, not me. After realizing that no matter who I talked to yesterday, the “adults” that were left in charge over the weekend, during “cafeteria duty” and while working out in your weight room, were in no way capable of maintaining the safe environment I was promised for my child. I no longer felt comfortable with Stephen being there and reached the decision, with Stephen’s father, to drive up to Reno and not only get my son, but also answers.

    Upon arrival at Sierra Nevada Job Corps, we went directly to the Security office, to check in and hopefully find Ben. Our intention, initially, was to speak to Ben and get the entire story, afterwards bringing Stephen in to discuss any inconsistencies. Unfortunately, due to the confrontational atmosphere that we were met with, that never happened. Our first encounter was Terri McKee (unsure of correct spelling), when asked our names, she giggled, picked up the phone and announced to “Richard” that the XXXXXX’s were here. We arrived at approximately 7:30am and Terri informed us that Ben would not be in until 8:00am. I let her know that due to the misinformation passed along last night that I would also like to speak to Joe. She said that it would not be possible. She then informed us that until yesterday, security had no idea that there was a problem. I told her that we knew that was untrue. She brought out a book and tried to show us where the police department had called but quickly put the book away when she couldn’t find the entry. When she asked why we were removing Stephen, she became confrontational and disrespectful, at one point, referring to my husband as Stephen’s Stepfather. (Stephen is the II, his father the I) My husband asked her calmly twice, what she would have done differently if it were her son. She ignored him until he raised his voice and asked a third time. She said the beauty of this whole situation is that she doesn’t have to answer that or any other question we had and that she will tell us once again that they only found out yesterday. When I pointed out that I knew for a fact that she was lying she asked me how. Mr. Dugan, I will tell you as I told her, my son used her phone on more than one occasion to call us and let us know what was going on, Terri made comments to my son during these phone calls, we heard her, so how could she not hear what he was telling us? Also, Stephen stood right there in front of Terri us and told us of conversations that he had with security, even describing the security guard because he could not remember his name.

    When Ben finally did show up, he arrived with two other gentlemen that I assume were also security. I can only assume as we were never introduced. I did finally learn that one of them was Richard. When I inquired about the confrontation between Stephen and Chris the night before, I voiced my displeasure of Stephen obeying the request to stay in and Chris feeling that he did not have to. Ben tried to change his original statement, but luckily, I have kept a journal of all conversations with your staff including date, time and direct quotes. As I read this particular conversation back to him, Richard became condescending, rude and sarcastic, trying to force a business card on me, encouraging me to call the police and informing that I did not know who he was. I let him know that his identity had no bearing on the present situation; I had no idea how he was involved and that I would not be spoken to as if I was beneath him. From this point on, there was no need to stay. I let them know that above all the assault and battery would be charged to Chris, as there had been no action taken by the school. Terri then said that I needed to get my fact straight and learn the definition of the words. In doing so, I thought it best to send what I found to you, so that you may pass it on to your security staff. Before belittling a parent that should be more aware of what they are saying. Considering that these actions were against a minor, I feel the biggest injustice would be that a 17 year old learned absolutely nothing from the actions of your staff this weekend, other than it does not pay to be honest, trusting and respectful. Shame on your Security!

    Wikipedia: Definition: An assault is putting a person in immediate fear (or apprehension) of physical injury or offensive contact. Battery is actually using force to harm another individual.

    I have every intention of pursuing whatever avenues available to me in order to bring the gross misconduct and negligence practiced by yourself, your staff and your facility, to light. I do not think there is a parent out there that will not and cannot benefit from the knowledge I have gained, when considering whether or not Job Corps is the place to send their child. I hope that once the public is given this glimpse in to your false promises and misleading information that they will not make the same mistakes that my family did. Ultimately, if my prayers are answered, enough complaints and enough testimonials will cause the proper officials to investigate and correct the “problems” in Reno, beginning with you, Mr. Dugan, and eventually your apparent partner in crime, Ms. Boller. As I have said, a copy of this will be sent to the media, the government and anywhere else I can find. I am just furious that no one on that campus believes in accountability. No one on that campus can show respect and the obvious lack of communication demolishes what credibility you may have had.

    Protect our most valuable and natural resource, our children! It is after all, your job.



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