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Job Corps and the Forty Million Dollar Question…

A forty million dollar Job Corps center in St. Petersburg, FL sits empty and… the Department of Labor refuses to tell the taxpayers what is going on.  Sound familiar?

From Read the story here:

“…the facility, which was supposed to be open last year, sits empty and the company that is acting as the care taker for the building doesn’t want you to see what is going on.”

“… the Federal Government…seems more concerned with keeping a lid on the problem than getting it up and running…”


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  1. Allison says:

    Call the Atlanta Job Corps Regional Office to find out why the center is still empty, or better yet, the National Job Corps Director, Edna Primrose. Or maybe the Secretary of Labor.

    With Edna Primrose as Director, just wait and see how many contracts end up going to Adams and Associates.


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