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Reader’s Comments: Clearfield Utah Job Corps and Knoxville Job Corps

-VS Regarding Utah Clearfield Job Corps…

“There are many forms of corruption and injustices that happen at Utah Clearfield Job Corps while the management continues milking the Federal Government at the expense of youth. Many crimes: rapes, assault, theft ( including theft by staff blamed on students), misappropriation of youth funds and punishment or threat to punish youth for reporting crime on the centre to outside authorities are on the cleanest pages of Utah Clearfield Job Corps.

The youth centre I am talking about is west of I-15 North on Antelope Drive.

I recall human resources calling me into the office because they were worried that I was going to write about ” something that might violate centre policy”.

When I came to the facility, a girl had just been raped. This was not in the news. While I was there, a girl was raped. This was not in the news. While I was there a girl was sexually abused/harassed, had reported to management. When I asked them about the issue, they said it was being handled. The girl was still looking for help when I left.

A colleague was almost beaten to death. I came to work and saw his face with dark black bruises. He was playing with his front teeth that had been knocked out in an attack by a student. The same student who had threatened me and promised that he would get with his buddies to ” remove me from the centre”. The same student now almost killed a staff member and a war veteran. This story was not in the news.

A colleague shared stories about his sexual activities in front of youth. One of the students said to him once, ” ….she is listening”, alerting the staff caller who was intimate with his lover back East. I reported to the management. It did not matter.

Ultimately, the same staff got angry with me in the office, pointing his finger a few inches into my face. I ran out of the office and that was my exit from job corps. I can handle this. But the management knows very well that the students from whom they get numbers for pay by the US Federal Government have very little to say.

Many times I told the students that their own constitution allows them to report rape to police or to anyone as they chose, but many were afraid they would be ” termed”.” Clearfield Utah Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training Resources

-DA Regarding Knoxville Job Corps Center…

“I attended the Knoxville Job Corps Center from 91 to 94. I was lied to by my recruiter who told me that I would qualify for the Transportation Communication Union program, so I applied myself to the fullest. One year later, I was informed by the representatives from TCU that I was ineligible because I was on probation. After presenting these facts to both my probation officer and recruiter, I was blamed for their oversight. I witnessed horrible crimes and behavior in this place, many of which went unnoticed by the staff.”


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