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Management and Training Corporation in the News, again…

As readers may already know, Management and Training Corporation (MTC) of Centerville, Utah operates 26 Job Corps centers throughout the United States.  MTC also operates fee for service correctional institutions in various states.

A listing of MTC’s locations are here:

MTC has had problems with its correctional staff in the past when it was…

“…ordered to pay back $485,990 in back wages to 262 current and former security guards at its Raymondville Texas corrections facility.”

“An investigation by the Wage and Hour Division from Oct. 1, 2003, to Sept. 30, 2005, determined that Management & Training Corp. failed to pay the correct fringe benefits and failed to pay for meal breaks when employees worked beyond their schedule due to briefings. These additional hours resulted in the non-payment of proper overtime, the department stated.”  ” (excerpts from BNET)

MTC’s most recent faux pas involves the Willacy County Regional Detention Facility where 11 corrections officers were fired for allegedly refusing to sign false statements against fellow employees.

According to the Brownsville Herald,

The lawsuit seeks back pay, future pay and compensation for mental anguish, and punitive damages for what the lawsuit alleges was “intentional, unlawful employment practices.”

You won’t find this newsworthy event in any major newspapers or front page articles, MTC’s public relations department does an admirable job of ensuring that only positive press about the corporation abounds. It sounds like MTC’s law-breaking management style is replicated throughout all of its centers… no matter if it’s a Job Corps Center or a prison.


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  1. Pancho says:

    MTC is catching huge heat for extraordinary mismanagement of its Kingman, Arizona, state prison. Three escapees on July 30th killed at least two vacationers, hijacked vehicles including a semi-trailer with its drivers, and the Arizona Department of Corrections is coming down hard on them, although it was also ADC malfeasance that allowed them to operate short staffed, with poorly screened and trained employees, and failed to fix glaring security problems. A nationwide hunt may have cost taxpayers millions in the 20 days before they were all finally apprehended.


  2. frank says:

    i used to work there for about 2 years and they did not compensate us for coming in for the “mandatory” briefings. We were actually written up for not arriving on time for meetings which we were not getting paid for.


    • Isn’t it shameful that we, the taxpayers are paying these contractors to treat us like animals? At Shriver, we were manipulated and coerced to come in to “volunteer” to teach extra classes at night. Those who didn’t succumb, were on the “not good employe list” or were told they had a bad attitude.


  3. Harold says:

    Actually they have about 26 centers, not 16. That’s quite a difference.


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