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Shooting Supsects in San Diego Job Corps (2005)

Excerpts from the San Diego Union Tribune

Read the article here:

Program kicks out students after arrests in teen’s death:

By Janine Zúñiga
STAFF WRITER November 2, 2005

“IMPERIAL BEACH – The two men arrested in connection with the shooting death of a South County high school student last week were enrolled in a federally funded job-training program for low-income teens and young adults.

The shooting took place about 9:30 p.m. Friday in the parking lot of the South Bay Recreation Center, 1885 Coronado Ave. The victim, Donna Hernandez, was in a car with two friends after the homecoming football game at Southwest High.

After Samson Mendoza, 21, and Basilio Bernard, 22, were arrested, Job Corps officials immediately kicked them out of the program, Elias Vazquez, Deputy Director said. Job Corps has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and violence, and the men were kicked out when they did not show up for classes Monday.”

San Diego Job Corps is operated by Career Systems Development Corporation


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  1. 0_0 says:

    I’m at this facility. It’s safer now, but they let everyone smoke (I HATE SMOKERS). It’s difficult to get some sleep with that loud Mexican music, the uninforced lights out policy and stiff beds. As a member of student government, I have no idea where the money is going. They seem to be rebuilding the facility from the two government lockdown raids, the culinary disaster, the earthquakes and the hurricane winds that knocked a tree into a dorm building. Students are not allowed to walk off center and are usually dropped off at dangerous locations at night by their white busses (The only way out). I am already employable, I only came here for my driver’s licence and I still dont have it.


    • We wish you the best. Do you have to stay at Job Corps? Is there somewhere else you could live while you work on getting your driver’s license? It sounds like you’re motivated if you are involved with student government. Some students have benefitted from their Job Corps experience. It appears that the ones who really want to improve their lives and get involved do better than others. Maybe you have enough fortitude to make it through. Set a time limit to leave if you don’t get what you need by a certain amount of time. Let us know how you’re doing. Thanks for posting.


  2. Nancy Entrup says:

    Figures. The administrators of these programs DO NOT HAVE GOOD RECORDS OR BACKGROUND INFORMATOIN on people. If they do get negative, often VERY negative information on enrollees. They cover it up so they can keep their enrollments high enough to stay open. All the administrators of Job Corps care about is maintaining the salaries that most of them are NOT qualified to earn. Read Huffintons book “Pigs at the Trough”. The American Tax payer is being robbed by this program, it is DISCUSTING. Especially with the deficit this country now has.


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