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Book Review: Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America

If you’re angry about the corporate greed you endured at a Job Corps Center watch out…  this book will make you angrier!

Arianna Huffington’s book Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption are Undermining America is a well-digested distillation of we have read in this blog about our experiences with some Job Corps contractors.

Apparently, corporations are all cut from the same cloth…you will be shocked to find the Job Corps contractor’s familiar methods of corruption slurping among its pages. Certainly this book is proof of a Jungian Archetype for corporations!

With her acerbic wit and literary style Arianna whets the reader’s appetite in her depictions of greed at the top with such chapters as:  Introduction: Twighlight of the Corporate Gods; Pigs on Parade:Power, Perks and Immunity; The Bloodless Coup: The Corporate Takeover of our Democracy… and other tasty morsels.

I’m sure that readers will re-check the pages again and again for mention of the Job Corps contractors with which we are most  familiar: Adams and Associates; Education and Training Resources; and Management and Training Corporation (to name a few.) Alas, you won’t find these particular Job Corps entities identified by their names, but you will recognize them, by their genetic relationship to the ones in the book.  This is a “must read.”


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  1. Nancy Entrup says:

    I recently worked at the Oneonta Job Corps for a 9 week temporary stint. In procurement. The ARRA funding they are being given, and GIFT is the key word is being squandered. Hard earned taxpayer dollars in and during the greatest depression , since the great depression. The Administrators, are living off of FAT salaries , that most do nothing for. The people running the contract Foxmar Inc/for DOL are sucking the blood out of hard working americans. They are coaching , and preaching that every last dollar of almost 2 million in stimulus funding has to be spent, whether needed or not. They are SURELY commiting ARRA Stimulus fraud in the way they are approaching the spending. There are people on their administrative staff that are not qualified. Ergo, a community liason, I live in the community, and am out and about in the community at 100’s of twon functions, I have never seen this so called community liason out in the community of Oneonta. She’s good at throwing people under the bus, which most of them are on that staff. So maybe where she wants to start in the community is at trailerways or Oneonta Transit first. She has a very fine tuned talent there already. If you have even a thread of honesty about you , you will not last at this job corps. But if you are collusive, lie, and cover wrong doings up as the Purchasing person and and current accouting manager do. Your sure to succeed. Just be dishonest it’s the rule of thumb up there.

    Students are harrassed by instructors, and those are the favorite instructors. If you NOT mean to the kids , whether they diserve it or not your not doing your job. An administrator of the entire system told the teachers in a staff meeting “that they were NOT handling their monkeys properly”. The monkeys were the students, that’s who he was refering to. Don’t know but they appeared to be “humans ” to me NOT monkeys.

    They are wasting so much money in tax dollars that they do not have a clear cut plan on how successful that will be. IT IS A CRIME. The woman who was newly appointed to head the “academic programs there”, and the academic programs changed recently to technical trades programs, electrical, operating engineer, etc. Would know one end of wrench [ or any type, size or kind] from another. And whats worse is she has no idea what any of those trades do for a living or how to administer the teachers who would end up teaching the program.

    All you lovely TAX DOLLARS wasted. Join the Tea Party, write every Senator and every congressman you have. Write to the PREZ, corruption and wastes are the “benchmark” credentials of the Oneonta Job Corps and probably many others if their style of working holds true. Close or end the job corps program. Start with Oneonta. The small handful of students that come out and get a job probably would have done it at some point on their own anyway. The rest are being preached to and victimized by being told that they can have everything in life free, if they just adhere to a “Natzi like regiem ” and set of rules for a short period of time. And, help the blood sucking breaucrats who run the job corp to keep there un earned salaries.


    • Victor says:

      One of the key components in ETR/Foxmar’s corrupt style of management is the “community liason.” This staff member is extremely well paid, his salary has at least doubled over the last four or five years. I believe only the CD’s salary is higher. In return for this huge salary, he protects the center from any negative publicity. He is able to do this using his political power in the area. He has the local newspapers in his pocket. Of course, any positive publicity such as student graduations and such are published. He also receives an enormous check from the center each week for his community “activities.” These include dining with his political co-horts and taking students to McDonalds. His checks average around $2000 per week most of which is spent at local eating establishments. All that is required by the Finance Manager is that he turn in receipts, the amount and type of expenditures are never questioned.


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