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Readers Comments about Job Corps an Unfailing Record of Failure

“Here are three reasons why Job Corps enjoys continued funding:

1-  Job Corps provides jobs and economic stimulus dollars to economically deprived areas.

2-  Job Corps takes at-risk students off the street for awhile, thus hopefully reducing crime and unemployment in their home areas and perhaps providing some time to mature and get some academic and vocational training.

3-  Private contractors who are awarded contracts will be able to continue to provide contributions to political candidates and parties, and patronage jobs to supporters. They also provide economic support for their friends in terms of purchasing materials and services for the Job Corps centers they run. As many of their friends as possible are able to pig out at the trough.

You don’t hear much about reasons #1 and #2 and certainly nothing about reason #3, but it is a reality.

Our Congressional representatives don’t want to upset the political apple cart by defunding this so-called vocational training program for the economically disadvantaged.  For poor people, Job Corps is the equivalent of a prep school that helps them get the kids out of the house at tax payers’ expense.”

“ETR started using New Summit School, the Mississippi high school diploma program about three or four years ago. It was part of their number fudging scheme which helped them skyrocket in the national rankings. The amount of students receiving diplomas naturally increased dramatically. Unfortunately, ETR cares more about making themselves look good and lining their pockets than the students welfare. Many of these kids leave center with a false sense of accomplishment when in reality the bogus Mississippi diplomas are of no use to them.”

“Just this afternoon, not even one hour ago, a friend of mine told me that he tested two students on a college qualifying exam. Both students had recently graduated from a Job Corps that utilizes an online “Occupational Diploma”.

Both students scored at one third the qualifying levels in Math and Language Arts – in the 20 percentages. They were surprised that they had done so poorly. I’m not. This is the quality of educational results produced by Job Corps centers using on-line diploma-mill programs to grant diplomas.

I feel sorry for these kids who have been sold a bill of goods and don’t know any better.  The Job Corps system and the contractors should be held accountable for contributing to the dumbing down of our educational system and creating cognitively handicapped students who can’t pass a college entrance exam.”


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  1. N. Hart says:

    Although I agree with many of your statements, especially the attitudes of some participants’ families, I disagree with your description of NSS as a diploma mill. Having taught in alternative settings for many years, I find NSS curriculums to be relatively rigorous. In addition to the Occupational diploma program (Tier 2 and definatly not indicative of academic prowess), NSS provides an excellent standard diploma program. The school and curriculums are SACS accredited, and they just completed the DETC accreditation process (recently mandated by DOL for JC distance learning programs).
    The integrity of the programs is maintained by the instructors and the policies of individual centers. There may be issues in that regard. As to issues with entry tests at the college level, you will find that students from all walks perform differently. I’ve seen students pass the FCAT and perform poorly in the CC setting. NSS is a valid, accredited program, and as good as a user allows it to be.


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