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Tongue Point Job Corps Center Accredited Through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools or…

National Academy of American Scholars?

This sensational article claims that certain school departments have been falsely claiming to be NAAS (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools) certified, but the NAAS trademark has already been copyrighted with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as belonging to the National Academy of American Scholars. Thus making the schools’ claims illegal. The release posted May 17, 2010, talks about espionage, fraud, terrorists and more… including Tongue Point Job Corps Center, in Astoria, Oregon.

Some excerpts:

“The education departments from the states of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada are suspected of using scarce tax dollars to promote a private business (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.) without having first secured a majority voter referendum, or even a public hearing. Illicit partnerships and bribes typically fuel low accreditation standards, consumer fraud, Diploma Mills, and Accreditation scams.”

“Desperate schools and organizations that falsely and illegally claim to have been ‘NAAS’ accredited were in fact sold a scheme of low, incompetent, and inferior standards that were set and defined by an organization whose own standards, ethics, and integrity are so low that it does not accept basic U.S. federal laws, and neither does their accrediting agency adhere to a basic code of corporate ethics…”

“Federal records suggest that their business model, amongst other things, includes both a private partnership with Communist Russia (thus a satellite base of feeder ‘NAAS’ schools in Russia), and a public partnership with an American-based entity that is suspected of violating federal laws.”

The article certainly has shock value but I question whether the schools involved have terrorist thoughts on their mind, might their motive only be simple deception and the use of poor judgement?

Tongue Point Job Corps Center is operated by Management and Training corporation (MTC).


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  1. Ricky J. Moore II says:

    I went to Tongue Point and I can say that they may not be consciously Communist but in practice, a government hellhole with no private economy and paranoid bureaucrats at the helm is communist any way you slice it.


  2. Harold says:

    I sincerely doubt that Tongue Point Job Corps was involved with any “Communist” alliances. The publication in which this article appears seems to use scare tactics to arounse interest anyway and I would be very wary of anything it publishes. The Job Corps system, however, is only too eager to latch on to any bogus accreditation organization to market itself to the taxpayers, students and parents it serves, and our clueless and corrupt politicians


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