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“I can attest to Christopher’s allegations as a former employee in Human Resources. It was common practice to do everything possible to dismiss an employee if they were able to perceive what was really going on at the center, if they “knew too much” already, or if they weren’t personally liked by management. If management had the slightest inkling that you had them figured out, then the disciplinary inquest would begin to find flaws in your performance so that termination could be recommended. This recommendation had to be approved by the corporate office before it could be executed. In my case, termination was recommended after I had used my temporary managerial signing authority to approve two hospital bills from an employee who had been injured on the job. This employee had initially refused to visit the local hospital emergency room, but followed the directive by his immediate manager to be evaluated. His treatment was not covered under his insurance plan or the Workman’s Compensation program that was currently in place. The first reimbursement got approved for the employee and processed without question. The second did not get processed even though I had all approval signatures and followed the same procedure as I did for the first. The Finance Manger had “noticed” this was an unusual situation after already processing the first reimbursement, and had disagreed with the employees request after the fact. He did not like me personally because I wouldn’t give his dysfunctional Accountant the “special treatment” she expected. Instead of telling her to stop complaining and whining about how she didnt think I “liked her”, he blamed his inability as a manager to correctly discipline her for gossiping in the workplace on me, and was constantly looking for ways to get me into trouble. Anyway, the employee reimbursement issue was determined to be my fault. My termination recommendation was so lame and without merit that it was obviously denied by the corporate office, but shortly before this my poor excuse for a “manager” asked me if everything was o.k. because I had been unusually quiet in the office. I’m sure she was able to sense that I had things figured out, since I wanted as little dialogue with her as possible. This same “manager” joined my health club a few weeks later. I did not attempt to engage in any contact with her on a social level, but still gave her the required “respect” of a direct report while in the workplace. I think this confirmed to her what she had originally suspected, and termination was again recommended for me after I inadvertently reported foul  language being used while attempting to accomplish a task with a nearly impossible deadline. This task was completed, but the decision was already made to proceed with termination. It was proven during a DUA hearing that there was no misconduct or willful disregard to the employer units best interest. The state of Massachusetts ruled in my favor, and I won my case.

The only positive aspect of being employed there was that the workplace was only a two minute commute, which worked out well during the 2008 gas crisis. The dental plan was also good, but I hated every second of working there. The pay scale was low, and only the employees who were “robotic” and agreed with everything management said and did were eligible for merit increases and the monthly awards that were given out. That was the price, and those were the payoffs.

The most contradictory element in all employee relations was the evaluation process. No matter how positive or “perfect” an employee’s performance was, there had to be something negative included as an “area needing improvement”. If nothing was documented in this area, the evaluation would be sent back to the reporting manager, and “something wrong” would have to be found. However, the results of the 2009 audit by the Office Of The Inspector General revealed that management was falsifying statistics and inflating numbers to continue to receive funding from Congress. The Department Of Labor also conducted a separate investigation which revealed that hourly employees were not being compensated for working through lunch breaks, along with not being paid their legal overtime rate beyond 40 weekly hours. If overtime hours were recorded on a time card, or if a lunch break not taken, the time card would be rejected and a “correction” would be required before it could be processed for payroll. How could their “policies” regarding employee evaluations (or anything else) be respected if they were ordered by the DOL to reimburse hourly employees thousands of dollars in overtime back pay (some employees received in excess of $2,000.00), and their false reporting resulted in reprimands from the OIG and fines of over $14,000.00?”


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  1. Nancy Entrup says:

    The job corps in Oneonta NY, May 2010. is so fraught with coverup, the Federal DOL in the Boston REgion needs to step in and clean house. They have a purchasing agent, that is definitely hiding something. NO ONE would be that much of a control freak if he wasn’t. But the Boston Region just merrily lets him go one. His girlfriend the Accountant, who got the Administrative Director fired is now transfering all the power to him. This one person controlling everything. Because he once was in the Army. Big deal. He was average as a sourcing person at best. I worked with him and in a couple of months did more technical sourcing than he has probably every really done in his whole life. He’s a good liar though and good cover up artist. If I was the DOL I’d be proud of that. This Job Corps is plagued with dishonest staff, they cover up incidents, and endanger the citizens of Oneonta, and have for years. They put a couple of kids in a parade, or have a coupld of the better ones work on hospice homes. And that’s all you hear about. Don’t hear about the drug busts, the near fights or fist fights in the hallways on a daily basis, and the most foul language you have ever heard. There are some kids there that want something out of it. It appears that most just want something for nothing. Tax dollars wasted. Now in MAY 2010 , the contractor to the DOL, Foxmar Inc, from Bolling Green KY. Has 2 Million almost in ARRA, funding tax dollars. And they drumed into people WE HAVE TO SPEND EVERY CENT> Your hard earned dollars, MUST SPEND EVERY DIME OF IT FROM MAY 17- JUNE 30, 2010. AND ALMOST NONE OF IT EVEN QUOTED AS YET. WITH NO CLEAR CUT, AND I REPEAT NO CLEAR CUT DIRECTIVE AS TO HOW THIS WILL HAPPEN, THE GOAL IS JUST SPEND, SPEND , SPEND. And little to NO , technical people on the site, and all of this material, supplies, etc is technical.



    • Robert Smith says:

      LOL, Hea Nancy,
      Sounds like SOUR grapes…Sounds like you were all in, until I’m guessing, you were fired??
      Your a hypocrite for working there if you “knew” all of these things…Take a good look in your twisted mirror before you make incoherent posts like this one, get a grip!


      • Eric says:


        Do you think Senator Coburn’s remarks are twisted too? Nancy’s remarks are entirely consistent with the Job Corps culture. If you have spent any considerable amount of time working for Job Corps and know who the key players are, you would admit that she is speaking the truth. Based on your response, you sound like the hypocrite, not Nancy.


      • Robert Smith says:

        If you are fine and dandy working for someone until they fire you (if this is what happened), and then you want to attack the same person you were fine taking a salary from- then that does make you a hypocrite. If she truly felt it was a “evil” place to work than she should have left a long time ago. If you take the money- you are part of the problem no doubt. And another thing I’m definitely not okay with is her utter disrespect for the United States Army. It is indeed a BIG deal to serve your country, I’m betting she never served a day in her life. She doesn’t have to mind you, but she better respect our service people.


      • Howard says:


        Unfortunately, life is full of hypocrisies, and living and working in a remote small city like Oneonta provides little opportunity to move from job to job when the realization that one will have to put up with hypocritical corporations and their managers rears its ugly head.

        Are you aware that Job Corps centers are purposely located in economically depressed areas to provide jobs and infuse money into the local economies? People have little choice in these remote areas but to remain in the job so that they can pay bills and put some food on the table.

        I agree that serving one’s country should not be down-played but I also feel that working in a Job Corps is a service to one’s county too; certainly not at the level of military who go to war and risk their lives, but it is service none the less and should be recognized as such.

        The Job Corps program has been criticized by our own Congress as being wasteful and fraudulent for years and it still has not been reformed. Why can’t you see this? Have you read all the entries in this blog?

        You seem to see the world as black and white – life is not that simple – there are many shades of gray in between especially when it comes to having to make a choice to leave a job or pay the rent and eat.


    • Anthony says:

      Within two years all of the staff who are “thinkers” or who voice an opinion that does not pander to ETR’s directives will be gone. It takes a while for ETR to ferret out employees it deems threatening – they want obsequious people working for them – Nancy is probably one of the first, but many others will follow.

      ETR’s corporate culture is one that induces paranoia for those with or without a brain (look it up). The thoughts of persecution and distrustfulness are justified and real for those who persist in using their brains to think; and the brainless administrators’ delusions of grandeur are reinforced by ETR and the Job Corps system.

      Don’t think and don’t voice opinions if you want to keep your job. Just follow along.


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