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Job Corps and Truth in the Media: Management and Training Corporation (MTC)

Recently MTC was honored by the National Job Corps Association for being its Operator of the Year for its excellent participation in the Stars Program.  The purpose of the “Stars” program is to ensure that positive press about Job Corps is in the news as much as possible.  Under “Stars”, Job Corps centers are also required to regularly provide their legislators with information about all the good things happening at Job Corps centers.

Read the news release here:

“The NJCA also honored MTC as its Operator of the Year. The organization noted that, in 2009, 21 of the 26 Job Corps centers MTC operates, or partners in operating, earned the maximum 48 stars through their quarterly star public outreach program. A maximum of 12 stars each quarter can be earned by maintaining contact with congressional representatives, generating positive media coverage, completing green initiatives and undertaking other community outreach efforts.”

Such positive press for Job Corps is easily found on the internet because  the media is bombarded with Job Corps propaganda and hype on a daily basis.  (Remember, the Job Corps operators are competing for recognition  in the “Stars” program. )

The problem I have with all the media hoopla is the mundane quality of the constant information that is glitzed into our consciousness about Job Corps. Don’t people wonder why the headlines, “Philadelphia Job Corps Students Attend Job Fair” is such a newsworthy event? What’s so earth shattering about it that it should be published?

On the other hand, important information like MTC’s making the “top 100” list of Contractor’s having to pay the Government fines and refunds in the millions of dollars is information that can only be found through careful digging and researching.  It’s amazing what we consider  important news.

Please read the information here about MTC corporation and its terrible record of contract fraud and labor violations. (This information doesn’t include the OIG reports of MTC’s manipulation of statistics in order to inflate their performance record.)

Here is an OIG report that discusses MTC’s inaccurate reporting of performance statistics.

Again, which is more important news? The fact that MTC’s centers excel at getting press releases in the news at a higher level of frequency than what “Stars” requires? Or, the fact that their corporation has serious flaws in providing accurate information and is on a “Top 100” list for contractor fraud.  You decide.


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