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Job Corps Manipulation of the Media

The longer I write this blog the easier it becomes for me to see what is going on with Job Corps and its “image.”  Many of the Job Corps contractors have figured out the areas where their center’s numbers can be manipulated to reflect a better performance than it actually is.  All, apparently have also learned the value of submitting press releases for every “good deed” their center performs… no matter how small.

I have a Google Alert set up for “Job Corps” and on a daily basis I receive three to five “alerts” showing smiling Job Corps students all over the US  at work in a community garden or painting a police barracks somewhere. (What other school or college that you know of spends so much time in a concerted effort to ensure there is so much “good press” in the newspapers?) Worcester, MA, is an area with nine colleges and one rarely sees a front page article pronouncing that  their students are attending a job fair, or students areplanning a trip to Washington.  Apparently these colleges can stand on their reputation alone without any fanfare or paid publicity directors.

With Job Corps however,  I notice the complete absence of any news follow-up on complaints that were investigated or a correction of any mis-deeds performed. Some negative news articles about Job Corps have actually been removed when a “specific search” is performed. It appears that once again,  Job Corps is  manipulating something, but this time it’s not numbers, it’s the media, in order to project an image that the Centers are performing much better what that is actually happening.  All we have to do is read between the lines.

From Google, today’s Job Corps Alerts:

“Job Corps students show off pavement for Earth Week…”

“Job Corps student makes official memento for G20 Labor official…”

“Local employers look for teen talent at Job Fair…”

“Rota brother are accepted into Hawaii Job Corps…”

“Local youth invited to this evening’s green job information session...”

How about this for news? I can’t find any follow up information on this article from 1992… Where is it?

“Job Corps complaints are probed”

6 students were expelled, 2 resigned and 43 took voluntary administrative leave after they brought their Job Corps complaints to US Representative Paul Henry about Grand Rapids Job Corps Center.  The DOL is investigating to see if the dismissals were connected to the students speaking out.  Now, that’s news… where’s the rest?,2017075


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  1. Sandra says:

    If you had worked in Job Corps over a long period of time, you would have seen the evolution from what it once was to what it is today and you would have been aware of what has been happening.

    Years ago, a staff member was usually assigned the task of public relations. They spent maybe 10-20 hrs per week on this. Other admin staff also participated in these efforts as well. But by the late 1990s, the position was changed to “community liaison” and it was a full-time position funded by DOL.

    It became more important over time to control the information getting out to the public. Especially since taxpayers foot the bill and they get upset when there are riots and other violence on centers or thefts in stores that go on year after year, and especially if the Job Corps is located near their homes. These situations have not lessened over the years – Job Corps has just gotten better at controlling the information about them.

    Today, even at small centers, the full-time community liaison may have an admin assistant assigned to him, and at Iroquois Job Corps, the center run by ETR, the Community Liaison has assumed the well-paid position of Community Liaison for more than the Iroquois center, he also handles info for Oneonta, and Hartford. And another staff was hired to help out. So Iroquois has more than two staff doing public relations for a center with about 240 students situated on a nature preserve.

    If there is a relationship between the local newspaper and the community liaison like there is at Iroquois, then the paper will only print what the liaison tells them. There is no investigative journalism if any information even gets to them. Corporations have become skilled at stifling information by threatening staff and students, thus preventing them from speaking to the media.

    The government isn’t interested in informing the public about negative goings-on, after all, this is just a poverty program. So they are not going to make a big fuss about investing time, effort and money in follow-up. Just go to a center and compare the facilities to any public school facility, or to a private training school and the difference is so apparent. Job Corps is run on the cheap for the students but makes contractors wealthy.


  2. juanita says:

    protecting their sacred money cow, is JC’s main performance. The rewards are great.


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