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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

Job Corps One of the Most Wasteful, Least Effective Programs… from the Congressional Record (1998)

Read what Congressman John Duncan, (R) Tennessee said about Job Corps  here:

“…We could give each Job Corps student an allowance of $1,000 a month, send them to some expensive private school and still save money…”

“…the people who get the big bucks out of this (Job Corps) are the fat cat contractors and the bureaucrats who run the program…”


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  1. Harold says:

    Nothing has changed since 1998 other than more waste and fraud. There are more Job Corps centers at this point, 122 with one more scheduled to open this yr and another one on hold in Manchester NH. That brings the number up to 123 from 118 when this report was written and two more are in the planning stage. Soon there may be 126 – with no plans to end building more.

    The cost per student, cited in this Congressional Report is $26,000 as per the GAO. The cost today is somewhere around $28,000; this doesn’t seem accurate – only $2,000 more in 12 yrs? The budget for Job Corps is up to $1.7 billion pr yr from around $1.28 billion in 1998.

    Duncan was absolutely correct about the fat cat contractors and the bureaucrats who line their pockets with tax payer dollars. When will the people of this country wake up and see that they are being taken advantage of? The Job Corps program is in dire need of reform, but the populace doesn’t know about it – Job Corps is one of the best kept secrets in this country. And the politicians have no idea what really goes on at a Job Corps center. They may visit for half an hour, shake some hands, have their pictures taken and issue some platitudes to the locals, but that is all they do.

    Interesting observation: the Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of this program, but the Republicans are not. Yet, who runs these centers? The contractors are Republicans who know how to take advantage of government contracting and the impotence of government oversight.

    Just pay attention to the news. In one week the mining disaster has come and gone. Secretary Solis and President Obama have pledged an investigation – then what? Will the GAO get rid of these findings too?

    Another well-kept secret: Our soldiers are being denied medical care and benefits because doctors have been ordered to diagnose injured soldiers with “pre-existing personality disorders” so it can avoid the costs of giving these heroes the care they need. “Personality disorders” that can’t possibly have anything to do with the symptoms of their injuries.

    Why is this happening? For the same reason that Job Corps goes on and on for yrs being an ineffective program, with contractors getting richer and richer off the backs of poor people and the middle class who pays for this program. That reason is greed, lack of oversight and accountability, and collusion between government regulating agencies and contractors. Have you heard these words lately?


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