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Reader’s Response to Inside info From a Reader RE: Education and Training Resources (ETR)

From Bruno-

“The post by Charlie was definitely right on the money.The Safety Manager in question had no qualifications and had been previously been a secretary for the corporate liaison when she was center director.
ETR must be fond of the word “oversight” to cover themselves when an error is made. A co-worker of mine discovered that we were making almost $2.00 less than our pay scale. She noticed this while looking at some documents at the corporate office. They admitted their mistake and we received our pay increase. We then had a meeting with the Human Resources Manager about receiving our several months retroactive pay. She informed us that since it was an “oversight”, we would not receive any. Curiously, shortly after this several upper management received raises, all of them being retroactive. Why should an “oversight” absolve you of all blame?
Speaking of inexperienced staff, you would be hard pressed to find any qualified staff in the management and director positions. They all have one thing in common, they are good at manipulating the numbers.”


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