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Insider info from a Reader on 2010 March OIG Performance Audit for Education and Training Resources (ETR)

…”This (OIG) report discusses Education and Training Resources (ETR) control weaknesses related to managing and reporting financial activity, managing safety and health programs, and reporting performance. ETR is under contract with the Office of Job Corps to operate four Job Corps centers for the U.S. Department of Labor…”

Read the OIG Report here:

Charlie’s response to ETR’s  comments to OIG and Brian Fox’s response to OIG findings – both in the Health and Safety area.

“The OIG states that ETR management said that the reason that inspections were not documented was that the staff who was assigned that task was new and not fully trained. Here is the whole picture: this person was never qualified to take a safety manager position in the first place. She was, however, being overseen and trained by the Corporate Liaison who had an office right across the hall and who had been a safety manager herself for yrs and also a center director.  So to state that this person did not know that she had to hold inspections and document them is a falsehood. She was also employed by the center for enough yrs to know this – and what about her job description and the PRH? These expectations were never conveyed to her? Not true.

In Mr. Fox’s responses to the findings, he states that the lack of reporting of 5 significant incidents in CY 2008, was an “administrative oversight and nothing more” is also a lie. In CY 2007, both the Center Director and the Corporate Liaison were verbally reprimanded by Regional directors for not reporting in a timely manner, an assault on a staff that resulted in bodily injury. The Corporate Liaison, at that time, had been working for Job Corps for over 25 yrs and she definitely knew the rules.

All management staff know that significant incidents must be reported within certain time frames. To say that it was an oversight is not true; but this is just another one of the “canned responses” that are given by Job Corps contractors – just a platitude to play the game – that DOL blows off and accepts, knowing that it is a lie and nothing will be done about it. Just like the mine disaster in West Virgina – over 1,000 safety violations for Massey Energy and the company gets away with it, resulting in the loss of lives, and who cares?

ETR has fired numerous staff on trumped-up charges. (NY is a hire/fire at will state and employees have almost no rights, so nothing will be done about it.) Why do these three people still have their jobs Center Director, Corporate Liaison, Safety Manager)? It’s because they are part of the inner circle of good-old-boy sycophants.”

(Charlie’s response was also posted as a comment on the previously published post on Job Corps Fraud here:)


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  1. juanita says:

    LOL, Charlie, I think we all know what her qualifications are. Dominatrix mean anything?


    • Harold says:

      Don’t you think it’s odd that Brian Fox would stick up for this person, and at the same time he and his corporate staff cleaned out the few staff who were actually qualified and certified – the Academic staff?


    • manerva says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You hit the nail on the head. I did hear now that she is doing nursing courses to be the wellness manager. What is up with that?


  2. Bruno says:

    The post by Charlie was definitely right on the money.The Safety Manager in question had no qualifications and had been previously been a secretary for the corporate liaison when she was center director.
    ETR must be fond of the word “oversight” to cover themselves when an error is made. A co-worker of mine discovered that we were making almost $2.00 less than our pay scale. She noticed this while looking at some documents at the corporate office. They admitted their mistake and we received our pay increase. We then had a meeting with the Human Resources Manager about receiving our several months retroactive pay. She informed us that since it was an “oversight”, we would not receive any. Curiously, shortly after this several upper management received raises, all of them being retroactive. Why should an “oversight” absolve you of all blame?
    Speaking of inexperienced staff, you would be hard pressed to find any qualified staff in the management and director positions. They all have one thing in common, they are good at manipulating the numbers.


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