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Oneonta Job Corps Center Boon or Burden … from the Daily Star (2008)

Read about Oneonta Job Corps Center here:

“…it is a facility with a history of riots, crime and more than its share of troubles…”


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  1. Harris says:

    Riots, drugs and alcohol have been commonplace at Oneonta Job Corps for years. I worked there many years ago, and when RCA was the contractor, student fights were hidden from the Job Corps Regional Directors. As long as companies receive incentives to run these contracts, and OIG audits lead to nothing but a fine when there are infractions, nothing is going to change. Contractors will continue to lie about “significant incidents” and manipulate statistics to meet contract goals and nothing will be done about it. The program is corrupt from the top to the bottom.

    Congress doesn’t deal seriously with the negative aspects of the program even though reams of documentation exist about the fraudulent goings-on. Instead,they look at the opportunity to give the students a second chance and of course the salaries paid and goods and services bought. That’s all well and good, but what about the cost to the taxpayer for a program that is not all that effective?

    Job Corps has a new national director. Her predecessor was fired (and then reassigned somewhere in DOL?) because she refused to provide a report containing the complete statistics to Congress. Her excuse was that the report would be too long and members of Congress could find all the information in other reports published by Job Corps.

    You can find these statistics I mentioned above in the Job Corps OMS10 Report, easily found on-line. Also see Job Corps Policy and Requirements Handbook (PRH). The website is:


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