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Kittrell Job Corps improper manipulation of student attendance OIG (2005)

-“The OIG conducted an audit of the Kittrell Job Corps Center, in Kittrell, North Carolina, to determine the merits of an OIG Hotline complaint alleging that center managers manipulated student attendance and training records to improperly inflate reported performance. Our audit substantiated this allegation.”

“We found that Management Training Corporation (MTC), the firm that manages Kittrell, overstated student attendance and, therefore, could potentially have been overpaid a maximum of $664,000 for the period of January 2000 through December 2003. We also questioned the validity of $112,000 in incentive fees paid to the center operator during the first year of its performance-based contract. In addition, Job Corps’ oversight of center operations was compromised because reported performance affects management decision making and the level of center supervision.”


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