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Job Corps worker claims she was fired for blowing the whistle (2007)

From the Madison St. Clair Record

Read the rest of the story here:

“A Job Corps worker who claims she was fired March 23 for blowing the whistle on her employer filed suit for back pay, reinstatement and punitive damages in St. Clair County Circuit Court.”


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  1. Eric says:


    What was the reason cited in their letter to you for laying you off? Just interested in what BS they trumped up to get rid of you. If you go through this blog and read all about Iroquois, you’ll see what kind of corporation ETR is. We wanted to send a letter to the staff when ETR took over last summer to warn you all what you would be in for. This corporation is the lowest of the low.

    We know you have a new center director. What is he(she) like?


  2. Nancy Entrup says:

    The Oneonta Job Corps just laid me off because I’m female and have good job background. Wow , isn’t that something for a program that “thrives on the motto of equal opportunity”. Couldn’t spell the word as far as I’m concerned. They “REEK” with cover up tactics. They are wasting almost 2 Million in ARRA funds in May, and June 2010. For programs that will more than likely NEVER get off the ground. They haven’t even got a record system to keep track of what they are really doing that is visible at all. YOUR TAX DOLLARS, $ 2 BILLION ALMOST, WASTED AND NO CLEAR CUT DIRECTIVE, NO REAL USE FOR SOME OF THE MONEY AND ADMINISTRATORS AT THE ETR FOXMOR INC WHO TELLS THE DOL THEY CAN RUN THIS CONTRACT. WHAT A JOKE. I worked with the purchasing agent, who told so many lies while worked with him, his nose should have been 15 feet long. He was resentful and abusive of me , because in the procurement world, he was not AS GREAT as he felt he was. He was good at order food and t-shirt, but when it came to something technical, and for him , a garden rack was technical. He should have been wearing a skirt everyday, and possibly a thong. His background was military WOW, he probably bought paperclips. He was however a cover up artist of what was going on , the only person in the finance department more dishonest than him was the finance manager. They made a good pair. If you wanted tax dollars spent dishonestly and then the deception covered up.

    The american tax payers if they worked there and saw what I saw. Would have been physically sick.


    • Anthony says:

      Thank you for posting Nancy. Believe me I know where you are coming from. I worked for ETR at Iroquois Job Corps for four years. Sadly, I have come to realize that they really don’t care about your job performance or background. They only hire people they know will not “rock the boat” or threaten the upper management staff. The CD just wants people who will serve her needs and not question her method of doing things.
      I hope you read the posts on this blog. The fraud and abuse of taxpayers money has become commonplace all across the country by contractors like ETR. Please feel free to post any additional information you would like to share with us.


  3. wow that’s funny but dumb


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