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Do We Have Ann Axe to Grind Against Job Corps? (comment from a reader)

Comment from a reader:

-“Many of your news articles are old, at least one year or more. I would wonder what axe you have to grind against Job Corps. Where is your facts on how much good the program has done. I know a lot of people who have gone through the program and are now making a good wage and paying taxes and not in jail or on welfare. Where is your information on that?”

Thank you for your thoughtful post.  One of  the intentions of this website is to be a one-stop place where parents, students, employees and interested persons could read “hard to find” or “buried” information about Job Corps.  I do plan on its having a complete history, in one place, of all the problems that have been going on with Job Corps since the program’s inception. Please come back as, some future posts may go back as far as  the 1960’s.  What we are discovering with our reading of the older posts is that nothing has changed in Job Corps. Its history is rife with fraud and manipulation of numbers.

Another of the the webisite’s purposes is to bring to light “the other side” of all the news propaganda that is constantly being published about Job Corps. Those of us who worked in the trenches at Job Corps know there are two sides to the newspaper stories which contain glowing accolades about Job Corps.  Many of the success stories you read everyday are being based on fraudulent facts. We can prove our facts. Job Corps can’t.

Case in point, your mis-statement that Job Corps students are “making a decent wage” is false.  The results of the DOL’s own national study contained the information that Job Corps students gains are insignificant compared to non-Job Corps attendees.  The DOL refused to publish this study for four years.  We also will be publishing a study from four years ago that proves that attending Job Corps has a negligible effect on Hispanic students.  How come these stories don’t make nation-wide news?  This program is costing the taxpayer 1.7 billion dollars a year.

Also, I certainly agree that a few students have been helped by Job Corps, but the vast majority are not.  The program needs to change so that more students are given an opportunity for an education where the focus is on quality and not on increasing contractor profits.

I encourage you to continue to read some some of the older articles at this site so you might understand how Job Corps past has led to its present history. Again, thanks for asking your important question.  Andrea for Job Corps Fraud

From Patrick-

Lynn, please read the comment posted yesterday by Larry King on the FB  Job Corps Fraud page.  He has been working with Job Corps for 20 yrs and knows what he is talking about.


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  1. Drew says:

    The personal experiences and media information posted on this site is important regardless of the year that the events described may have actually occurred because it clearly establishes a pattern of problematic behavior at all levels of service delivery (from unethical practices of service providers to the students themselves). I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn a masters degree but without practical life and job skills that I learned along the way I doubt that I would be able to maintain any job that is consistent with my education. Sadly, my experience with JC is that the system lacks the motivation to provide these skills in so many areas that are part of the overall program design. If an emotionally/socially/behaviorally immature 18 year old is fortunate enough to complete JC best case senerio is that you will have an emotionally/socially/behaviorally immature 18 year old with a job skill. Good luck in today’s economy.


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