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Another Reader’s Job Corps comment…

From Drew…

-“The personal experiences and media information posted on this site is important regardless of the year that the events described may have actually occurred because it clearly establishes a pattern of problematic behavior at all levels of service delivery (from unethical practices of service providers to the students themselves). I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn a masters degree but without practical life and job skills that I learned along the way I doubt that I would be able to maintain any job that is consistent with my education. Sadly, my experience with JC is that the system lacks the motivation to provide these skills in so many areas that are part of the overall program design. If an emotionally/socially/behaviorally immature 18 year old is fortunate enough to complete JC best case senerio is that you will have an emotionally/socially/behaviorally immature 18 year old with a job skill. Good luck in today’s economy.”


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