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A Reader’s Suggestion: How About a Job Corps Task Force?

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“I am a strong advocate of the Job Corps Program and its purpose of educating and training our youth, but having worked in the system for more than twenty years as an educator and manager I dealt with a lot of frustration and disappointment within the program. I started out as an instructor became the Director of the Education and Training Departments, worked with the corporation and spent many hours in Washington working on PRH changes and program needs. I traveled across the country to many of the centers doing program reviews; troubleshooting with the center’s records systems and putting new programs in place. After my initial corporation phased out of the Job Corps business I worked with and was employed by several other contractors and became very frustrated and disappointed in what was happening with their approach and focus on the program needs.”
“Reading the fraud blogs I sympathize with these students that are so frustrated with the system and I agree that their claims are very valid in many ways. There are also many success stories from the program and am very proud to see these young people succeed, but there are many people that take advantage of this program and they are not all students (far from it). Students come to this program from many walks of life looking for education and training to be able to become independent in the work force and start a career path. In most cases this is true but there are some there that are in it for the free ride and these individuals need to be eliminated from the program as soon as possible. Keeping them in the program causes a lot of disruption in the classroom as well as in all areas on the centers. Teachers/instructors become frustrated trying to meet their quotas as well as spend quality time teaching the ones that are interested. The government needs to listen closely to these complaints and I do hope that this fraud blog is reaching their eyes and ears.

The Job Corps Program should not be eliminated but major revisions need to be made to make it a success and provide a program that addresses the needs of its consumer- the students. I believe that no further additional funding should be allotted to centers or new centers opened until a task force is formed to assess the programs and centers that are already in existence with a new approach. I would recommend federal and state oversight of center operations and programs. Maybe even a grassroots effort with states in control of their programs to address the specific needs of their young people with training focused on the geographical area being serviced.

I think the system has become too large for good oversight and contractors running the centers are not all capable of handling the extent of the system and are not focusing on the actual needs of the students. Safety in the program should be up front with a good certified training that will provide the students graduating with good knowledge and skills for their chosen profession. Hopefully the government will see the need for upgrading the program and not completely eliminate this program.
There are so many problem areas within the system that need to be changed and a task force consisting of a well rounded team with all disciplines involved could review the whole program and tighten up on controls and requirements. I could write a book on Job Corps good and not so good. My whole Job Corps career was attempting to put into place a better educational/training program with quality . I love working with youth and know that they are the future. We need to look at what we are doing for these young people and as we retire from the work force assure that we are building a good background for our country with tomorrows citizens.”


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  1. N. Hart says:

    My JC experience parallels this entry…and my observations and opinions are similar. The competitive motivators that contracting engenders combined with the measurement systems in place (effectivly revised for July 2010) prohibit positive instructional and program evolution. All practices are proprietary, which is totally illogical for a government sponsored educational/training program.
    The ‘entitlement attitude’ is a serious obstacle for program success; it affects (infects) staff and students alike.
    Drew’s comments were also on the money.


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