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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

The Failed Century of the Child…

…governing America’s young in the twentieth century … By Judith Sealander

Read the excerpts here:

Some references about Job Corps from this important book:

“If Job Corps obfuscated about “training” it created a near fictional standard of “placement.”  It took credit for a placement that occurred  up to a year after a youth left a site whether or not the job was in any way connected to training.”  (pg 171)

“Worst of all Job Corps allowed its independent contractors to compute placement statistics – a system begging to be corrupted since contracts were numbers-driven and  placements earned bonuses.”  (pg 171)

“A well publicized Senate hearing exposing such chicanery did not end it. Statistical trickery characterized Job Corps reporting…  (pg 171) 


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