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Performance Audit Report of Del-Jen by OIG 2009 Gainesville and Albuquerque Job Corps

Read the OIG Report here:


“DEL-JEN did not ensure compliance with Job Corps requirements for safety in each of the three areas we reviewed – safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and student misconduct. While at Gainesville, we observed multiple safety- and health-related deficiencies. Gainesville identified some of these deficiencies while performing the center’s required weekly and monthly safety inspections, and noted them during monthly Safety and Health Committee meetings. However, the inspections, meetings, and resulting corrective action did not effectively eliminate the deficiencies we observed. We also found that Gainesville did not report significant incidents, such as physical assault, weapons possession, and narcotics possession to Job Corps as required.”


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  1. david says:

    The National Director of Job Corps, from 1983-1995 was at one time, the President of the Education and Training division of Del-Gen. Don’t know if he still is. The last dates I could verify are from around 2003. Talk about incest in Job Corps. As former National Director, wouldn’t he have all kinds of inside information about the different Job Corps centers that would allow Del-Jen to bid more effectively to run these centers? Wouldn’t his relationships with the Regional Directors and others who have been in the Job Corps system for a long time contribute to his company winning contracts and wouldn’t he have an unfair advantage over others in his involvement in the good-old-boy network?

    He certainly is not the only government Job Corps official to have gone into private business to take advantage of DOL contracts and vice versa. Private corporate employees get hired into the government side of things – how unbiased are they in administrating and monitoring the system? Then they come back out with all kinds of inside track info and form their own companies or go back to work for the contractors.


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