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Responses to “A Mother’s Story About Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

-“This parent should contact her elected Federal representatives about this situation and demand a written accounting of this situation from the corporation that runs this center. Then she should contact a lawyer to see if she has a viable law suit against them.”

-“I’ll never forget my reaction at a meeting when I first heard students who were waiting to exit the program referred to as “inventory”.

-“What a horrible deal. The PRH clearly states that a student may leave JC anytime they want to. As a two year employee, I had to play that game often and just felt dirty (toxic is a better word) everytime. On more than one occasion I saw staff confiscate luggage that was packed and the student ready to go. On another occasion I convinced a 16 year old who wanted to leave to stay. He was clearly not ready or engaged (walking out of class constantly, being disruptive when in class etc). Several weeks later he and some friends started a fight with a group of other students. In the process, he was injured and eventually needed surgery. I felt horrible, not because of his behavior which he was responsible for, but for my salesmanship when he really was not invested in being successful in JC. On another occasion I was written up for not being convincing enough in my efforts to retain a student who wanted to leave which he eventually did. My thoughts and prayers tonight are with that young man from Perkins and his family for a full and speedy recovery.”


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  1. Ali Springer says:

    This is a load of crap.. The stress of job corps can get to you after a bit, yes it is a run-down looking place, but staff do not corner students unless there has been a fight. How do I know?? Because I have been a student at Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center for a year and three months. It is bad, yes there are gang activities and drugs-alcohol. but no they do not allow it, the kids sneak it in. Your called a snitch for giving information or being in the wrong place at the right time. Usually kids are too weak to stay there. many are just leaving home for the first time and stressed out because mommy and daddy can’t save them. I saw a girl crying on the phone to her mom the first day she came to Carl D. “I want to come home mom, I can’t make it here.” And thats alright, atleast she realized it before she got pulled into the drama. The drama is the number one reason that students do not stay at any job corps. and guess what THEY ALL SPREAD THE DRAMA. How can they expect to say things and not have stuff said back? Anyways there are staff members like Carl Wilson who would gang up on someone in his class room, but most of the staff hate the rules and try to help as much as possible- as long as you pay them a little respect.


  2. Student says:

    I’ve been a student a JC I’ve been to 3 .. Am sure you son had behavioral problems and did not want to follow the rules maybe you should have kept him home. Or maybe you should have never sent him . Job corps us a wonderful program and has changed so many lifes . You should be a shamed of yourself for saying such things about a program you know nothing about!! If it was not for job corps then I would have not had a second chance at education !!! Am sure your beating yourself up cause your son was treated for a disabilitie That you should have found out he had!! As blaming job corps don’t blame them or the people that run it. Blame yourself for not being a better parent!


  3. Watergate says:

    Maybe the ACLU will help this mother, father and their son. I’m sure that her son’s civil rights were violated when they wouldn’t let him go on the first day he wanted to leave.


    • Meldenna Thomas says:

      I will check into it because there are some serious issues with this establishment and I feel some people have some things to explain This issue with these centers is out of control and I know somrthing has to give. I only wished that I was better informed prior to this but with what I know now my fight is only beginning……


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