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Senator Nancy Kassebaum’s Testimony at Job Corps Oversight Hearing 1995

Read the complete testimony here:

Some excerpts from Senator Kassebaum’s testimony from fifteen years ago.  Has anything changed since then…?

“There is growing evidence, however, that the rave reviews given Job Corps as a whole are based more on faith than on fact. Prior to the October hearing, the committee had not taken a close look at the Job Corps program in over 10 years. During that time, the program has enjoyed the strong support of Republicans and Democrats alike, despite a steady stream of negative reports issued by the Department of Labor’s Inspector Greneral, going back into the late 1980’s. Both parties share the responsibility for turning a blind eye toward the disturbing picture drawn by these reports.”

“We can no longer focus only on the success stories while sweeping the failures under the carpet. To do so is a disservice to the American taxpayer and, more importantly, to the young people who see Job Corps as a beacon of hope for their futures and who are committed to making their dreams a reality.Unfortunately, in far too many cases, these hopes are being dashed. The dreams of training and a good job are being replaced by the nightmare of an environment which tolerates unacceptable behavior in the interest of keeping up the numbers.”

“Following last October’s hearing, individuals from throughout the country began calling my office to offer disturbing accounts of activities within many Job Corps centers. I realize one has to be very cautious about calls of that nature, because some have vendettas that they wish to exercise. But I think the most troubling is the pattern of uncontrolled violence which has been a common thread among so many of these accounts.” 


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  1. David says:

    No, sadly nothing has changed. Nancy Kassebaum’s testimony was delivered in 1995 and Senator Tom Coburn’s was delivered in 2006. Semiannual reports from DOL to the Congress dated 2008 and 2009 report continued fraud on the part of contractors. While Kassebaum’s testimony focuses on violence rather than fraud, per se, she does mention that this behavior is tolerated “in the interest of keeping up the numbers.” This practice continues today.

    Adams and MTC, two companies awarded numerous contracts in the Job Corps system, have been found to engage in fraudulent behavior in the past and yet they continue to administrate Job Corps contracts. Where, by the way, are the follow-up audits of these OIG findings? Have the recommendations been implemented?

    Especially interesting is Tom Coburn’s comment about the incestuous relationship between the contractors and the government progam officers.


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