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Open DOL Answered my Question… What do you think about transparency in Government!?

Recently the Department of Labor posted a website where it was asked,

“”What information and high-value data should we provide to make our agency more accountable, improve public knowledge of our work, and create economic opportunity? How can we make information and data available in a timely and accessible manner?”

I posted the following question and received one comment:

Read it here:

(My question)

“Recently a Job Corps Center in my area was audited by the DOL Wage and Hour division. I cannot find any published information about the findings, even though the center operator was required to pay back a large amount of money in restitution to the employees.

If we are to believe in the concept of government Transparency, why aren’t these finding published as the Office of the Inspector General publishes its findings about Job Corps?”

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This information is available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. A request for a copy of the file must be made in writing to the Regional Administator’s office of the DOL Wage Hour Division where the Center was headquartered.


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  1. Harold says:

    This is exactly why the Public Online Information Act is so important. Rep Steve Israel ( D-NY ) and the Sunlight Foundation are sponsoring H.R. 4858 which makes most information readily available to the public who have access to a computer. The info would be a few keystrokes away, not buried in a bureaucratic office somewhere, almost impossible to access.


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