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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!

Responses to yesterday’s comment: “I don’t believe…”

-“What makes you think we are not still working there? We couldn’t possibly think of leaving without some bling or a very special tattoo. Actually, we are here (or have been) for the students. With the hope of some honesty, integrity and values being brought forward to help them become productive citizens.

You seem to be worried about evidence. Perhaps it has already been turned over to the proper authorities. Remember, the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Management has been very abusive and harassing towards staff and students. The Human Resource Department does not address these issues, it has to go somewhere. Hence, the material in this blog.

Some people have quit, some were fired, however, we heard they are enjoying 90+ weeks of unemployment and educational benefits. None of them were angry (p**’d off), in fact, they seemed relieved not to be there anymore. Although saddened that they can’t be there for the students.

Your post seems so angry and upset. Remember, the truth shall set you free. That is what this blog is all about–the truth. These issues are widespread among most of the Job Corps Centers. Please continue to visit the blog. Maybe venting your anger here will help.”  Honesty

-“Evidence has been given to OIG. Now we have to wait for their audit report to be published. Unless you work or were a student at Iroquois, you really don’t know what you are talking about. The people who have written on this blog care a great deal for the students and the Job Corps program as it should be run, not how it is presently being administrated at Iroquois and other centers. Jobs are scarce, that’s why people try to stick it out – they have to pay bills and put food on the table.” Samantha

“You can think what you want about evidence, you will see how much evidence we have in due time. The key is knowing when to use it. Sure a lot of us were upset when we lost our jobs. If you were not part of the corrupt clique, chances are they would find a way to let you go. Unfortunately there were many well educated and qualified people let go to make way for ass kissers and ignorant morons. I could list them for you but it would take too much time and I would get in trouble for using names. Most of these people haven’t got the intelligence to make out their time cards or turn them in on time. This was the case every pay period when I worked there.

In my case, I was not even properly notified that I was terminated. This was determined by the unemployment law judge, but unfortunately it was too late. This was after a period of three months with no income. They even tried lying in the hearing, but it did not work.

As for the people who are still working there, they probably consider themselves lucky to have a job. Many of them can’t afford to quit with the economy the way it is. I would say about 90% of the staff geniuinely cares about the students.

Unfortunately, the upper management does not or they would not be pushing students through the program the way that they are.”   Victor


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  1. Lessa says:

    Enjoying 90+ weeks of unemployment!!!!! What a joke. try living on that. Paying a morgage, utilities, food and just the basics.


    • Annoyed says:

      I hear ya sister. First of all you do not get that much on unemployment to begin with and second there is no job out there that pays what you were getting paid or even comes close to that. It is a big fat joke to think that we are enjoying it cause god knows that it can come to an abrupt stop without notice and then what do we do cause like I said there is no good jobs out there.


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