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Nationwide mismanagement of Job Corps calls for action!


Despite receiving a score of 28%  in the area of Program Results and Accountability,  “Expect More’s”  assessment for Job Corps is “adequate.”

I’m disappointed, I expected more from “Expect More.”    Tell me,  for those of us who work(ed) at Job Corps, do you think the statistics used for successful completers and numeracy gains are accurate?  (scroll down the report to read the “successful numbers”). I’d be interested in your responses!

Read the Report here!


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  1. Louise says:

    This student was at IJCC last year. Many complaints were made about his behavior. He was aggressive, his behavior was strange and I heard a lot of stories about him scarring students and staff. He came with an attempted murder charge. After he left (on his own) this second crime took place.

    Argument Over Cellphone Leads to Queens KillingYesterday, a woman was found shot to death, clutching a knife in her hands. It turns out that 23-year-old Shauna Sanders was killed on Jordan Avenue in St. Albans after fighting with a date about her cell phone.

    According to the Daily News, Sanders and her cousin met two men at a bar and went home with them Friday night. On Saturday morning around 6:30AM, apparently Sanders and her date, Donnell Dunson, got into an argument over Sanders’ cell phone (she believed he stole it). When Dunson left the home, Sanders followed him out, waving a kitchen knife. A witness said she was screaming, “She was yelling about the death of her baby.”

    Another person in the group tried to intervene; a neighbor told the NY Times the man told Dunson, “The guy walked up and said, ‘What are you doing?’. He said, ‘Don’t bring your problems here.’” Realizing Dunson had a gun, the man urged Sanders to leave. But Sanders didn’t and stabbed the car with the knife. Then Dunson fired a gun, hitting Sanders.

    Dunson got out of the car and fled in a black Acura. Sanders tried to follow Dunson, but her cousin stopped her and called for help; Sanders died on the sidewalk shortly before 7AM. Dunson was apprehended last night and arrested for second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.


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