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Lionheart Group Scam Prevention Lists “Job Corps Fraud” Under “Job Scams”

The “Lionheart Group” has listed “Job Corps Fraud” with one of their blogs under “Job Scams”

Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all the Job Corps Fraud posts!

Read about it here:

I believe that this group found out about us from DaTechguy’s Blog and decided to connect…

“The Lionheart Group is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of truth in media and other online communications. In today’s age of information, Americans are increasingly bombarded with digital messages on a daily basis. Many of these communications are designed to take advantage of people financially, politically, emotionally and technologically. Some are just designed to waste people’s time and create general mischief. At the Lionheart Group, we say enough is enough. With our expository blogs, articles and informational series, the Lionheart Group shines the light of truth on lies, distortions, scams, cons and deceptions for the benefit of truth seekers across America. Lionheart Group’s well-researched responses to today’s most prevalent mis-information campaigns offer hard hitting facts you won’t find in most online media outlets. If you’re tired of the endless onslaught of manipulative half-truths and outright lies that have become so pervasive in today’s digital media, you will benefit from The Lionheart Group’s message.”


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