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Job Corps Comments… 3/13/2010

-“Visiting this site is becoming the highlight of my day (several times a day). My 2 years with JC were the absolute worst of my 22+ years of employment as a human/social services provider and that includes working in state hospitals and prisons and an alternative/behavioral school that was, “hands on,” and more violent than anything I ever witnessed at JC.

“The work that needs to be done will have to be collective and done one blog, one e-mail, one letter, one news story at a time. With your continued efforts, I am positive that the story will be told and positive changes will occur. Keep up your great work.”


-“Believe it or not is up to you. There is tangible evidence. It’s not about closing the center down, it’s all about the students for most of us. Being treated so inappropriately by an employer is disgusting. Students are treated the same way by upper management, unless they are a favorite child. I agree some are angry and want the center shut down. Maybe that is not such a bad idea after all, if it can’t be run the way it was intended. Why waste money on the upper management when it should be spent on the students? The center s should be run the way the government intended. Students are not coming away employable in their chosen trades. There is lots of evidence to prove that.  These concerns were addressed at centers where a lot of us worked. Most of us were smart enough to save copies of our paperwork and management replies. Files can be deleted any fool knows that. So hard copies have great value :  ^  ). This blog is evidence that people are looking for a change that will turn the centers back into what they were intended for. Private contractors can take their contracts that are only self serving and leave. Numbers can be manipulated. Most of us have had lots of time with the students while there and since leaving. It is sad to waste this program the way the contractors are. They reap the cash flow and the students come  away with very little.”

-“My dorm was always clean, because we made sure the students kept it clean.  I cleaned my office every shift, so that I was a good role model for the students.  I checked the students rooms on a regular basis according to policy, so none of the students had any chance to drink alcohol, do drugs or have sex in their rooms.  I treated the students with respect and I earned their respect. When they were ill I took care of them and I volunteered to drive any student to the hospital if they needed medical care. The students miss me.”


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