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Grafton Job Corps OIG Audit 2007

Excerts from the OIG Report (read it here)

Adams and Associates again!

“We conducted a performance audit of the Grafton Job Corps Center (Center) in response to a hotline complaint. The complaint alleged the Center’s operator, Adams and Associates, Inc. (Adams), manipulated student leave, absent without leave (AWOL), and training records in order to enhance the Center’s performance.

According to the complainant, Grafton officials discussed strategies to overstate performance outcomes during the Center’s Outcome Measurement Standards meetings. When Grafton officials projected attendance to be below established goals, the complainant alleged Center staff manipulated student attendance records to extend the student’s enrollment, even though they no longer met the Policy and Requirements Handbook’s (PRH) enrollment criteria.1

In addition, the complainant alleged the Center’s students were shown as having completed vocational training even though their trade-related proficiencies shown in their Training Activity Reports (TARs) were not sufficient to meet the vocation completion requirements specified in the PRH.2″  pg 6

“Grafton officials overstated the On-Board Strength performance measure by retaining students who should have been separated. The audit results disclosed a pattern of inappropriately showing students in unpaid administrative leave and absent without leave status. These practices resulted in “extending the stay” of these students by 910 days, and as a result, the Contractor owes liquidated damages totaling $56,824.”  pg 2


“Adams violated the provisions of their contract with Job Corps by overstating its OBS performance measure…”

“Adams violated the provisions of their contract with Job Corps by overstating its OBS performance measure. Overstated performance data affects management and procurement decisions at the highest levels within Job Corps. Such decisions include renewal of center contracts and/or exercise of option years.
Equally important, inaccurate performance data may inhibit Job Corps from effectively accomplishing its mission to educate and train students. Outreach efforts designed to recruit new students may have been curtailed, and eligible students may have been turned away or delayed entry into the Center. These impacts are contrary to Job Corps’ mission.” pg 10



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