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Iroquois Job Corps comments

These allegations are all correct. The HOTS buildings at Iroquois are still there. The community liaison was housed there last. –“That may be fitting! (LOL) The water heater in Clemente Hall went out 4 or more times each night. The safety people had to keep relighting it. I was waiting for it to blow up. That went on for well over 2 yrs. It may still be going on. Staff is always taken to task when there is something wrong. Most of the time it is the private contractors fault. Last Christmas, they spent thousands on a Christmas party but couldn’t fix a water heater!! They can’t afford to pay overtime, to hire teachers, or keep secretary’s, but never miss a party or bonus. More taxpayer money being abused. Don’t forget the rec trips for the teams no matter what, and the center director has her trip paid for also.”  OJ


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  1. Agel mlm says:

    This is a great article!!! I‘ve ever read. High educations give us more chance to get the better job but Experience is very important too. Many people who had high education but no experience often failed so “Learning by Doing” is the best way to succeed.


  2. Victor says:

    Thank you LM for your candid comments, they were right on target. The CD and Admin. Director both need to be relieved of their duties. The Admin. Director is a very timid person and that is why she was hired. The CD only hires people who won’t question her antics and are scared to stand up to her. The Admin. Director is clueless about Purchasing,Wellness, and Property some of the departments she is responsible for. She was never to my knowledge even trained for her job. They have not had an Admin. Director who was qualified in about ten years.
    In addition, they are unable to keep a Health Services Manager for any length of time. This position was vacant for about six months last year and the newly hired manager was just fired by the CD. This was because she rightfully would not give one of the CDs female favorites any more drugs. We will see how long it takes to fill this position now.


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