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-As an ex-employee (who was let go) I have to complain about the (Job Corps) focus on numbers for trades and education.  I worked in the Recreation Department for a JC where the furnace blew in the winter (Late November), the furnace was not fixed, meaning no heat, until March!

The supervisor was told to plan programs in the dorms for these months and to have a lot of off-center activities.  Shortly after it was fixed there was a corporate audit where the Recreation Department was cited for poor attendance/involvement from students-how were we supposed to do that if you don’t care enough to provide heat to the Recreation building?

Also, the following year a furnace went down in one of the academic buildings-it was fixed within a few days.  As positive as this program should be, the contractors ruin it for everyone.  I really want to see an in depth investigation into these places so that they can be managed better and for less taxpayer money.   Anon

-The situation at Iroquois sounds remarkably similar to what is going on at Shriver from what I have read. For some reason, our center went over two years without a DOL review, which I understand are supposed to occur yearly.

When we finally had one, there was an e-mail sent by the CD stating that our jobs were in jeopardy if we spoke to the DOL. Curiously, around the same time we recieved an e-mail from DOL stating that staff should feel free to discuss things with them without fear of repercussions from center management. I think most of the staff was afraid to talk.

About a year ago, OIG began conducting an audit at the center. Once again we received an e-mail instructing staff not to discuss anything with them. While they were there, they discovered fraudulent student enrollments. One of these phantom students appeared on the roster for six months and never set foot on center.

They also discovered an instance of the CD making a purchase for  personal use. I saw the documentation for this purchase . When asked about it, she jokingly responded that the president of ETR was buying it for her.

Who knows how many other of these type purchases went undiscovered?   J

-“I left Job Corps in “05;” at that time the condemned bldg on center was housing HOTS.  It had been condemned in “04,” and money was received to replace it in “05.”  For all I know it’s still there.  I know 2 people on the committee that condemned the bldg.  When I told OIG, they did not seem to know about it or care.  Not a bit surprised about the furnace. I believe the new leach fields were put in in “04,” and because of a chum of management were destroyed in “06.”  We were able to contact the original contracter and put a stop to JC suing them.  At least that was 1 coup.”  J


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