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Today’s Job Corps Comments

-“All that these kids want is to be a part of the American Dream.  A good job, a family and enough money to have a home.  Yet they are treated like trash at Job Corps and  they end up worse than when they came in. I got this idea that the motto at my center was that these kids don’t deserve anything decent.  Job Corps gets $34,000 per student, and I didn’t see much of the money going towards the kids.  For example the sheets and blankets these kids were given were something I would be ashamed to donate to a homeless shelter.  The food was awful and instead of real juice the kids got sugar fake juice.  Anyway I went to a job fair today and Job Corps was there. I told some people don’t work at Job Corps.  I thanked the Albuquerque Police for putting up with Job Corps and they thanked me for reporting Job Corps because they would like to see it shut down or the contract with Del Jen cancelled. Del Jen is owned by Fluor and the Vice President makes around $14 million while the Job Corps staff makes below market wages and can’t afford the health insurance nor retirement.  I might go to the NM Democratic Convention this weekend, if I go I’m going to let people know about Job Corps.”  W


-“Here is another example of the CDs treatment of staff. A little over two years ago she hired a secretary after about a six month search. After all, it would take some time to find the right person for her. Well, she found someone who would go above and beyond her job description. This person made the mistake of bringing in some baked goods into work as a gift for the CD on her first day of work. It was all downhill fom there. After a few weeks on the job, she was expected to bake something almost every night for the CD and her little clique, also including students. Anther one of her duties was to buy lunch for the aforementioned people at her own expense. She drove her own vehicle ten miles round trip per day with no reimbursement to pick up their lunch. This practice came to an abrupt end when she got into an accident with her car picking up lunch. I believe she refused to do it after that and was promptly let go from her job.
To replace her, they hired an attractive former student with no experience. All she had to do was look pretty for the CD and sort mail. After classtime, she would entertain the students in her office. Her starting pay was almost the same as mine, this was extremely insulting to me. I had been there several years at a job with much more responsibility. When she went out on pregnancy leave, her replacement gave me some mail which was six months old that she had apparently kept hidden in her office. These were important invoices that I was supposed to process and I got in trouble for not paying them on time. They were probably trying to set me up.

Stayed tuned I have many more of these type stories to share with you.”  J


-“I agree, the concept of the Job Corps program is beneficial to these students.  However, it is the contractors (centers) that ultimately penalize the students.  Yes there are students that just do not belong there,  and instead of keeping these students on the roster to keep numbers up, they should be sent home.  The students that want to make a difference in their lives should be given that chance, with ALL the training the PRH states.  If they are enrolled in a 2-year trade, they should be on center 2-years, not 10 months.”  JR

-“This IJC is so pathetic, I ‘ve known good people that HAD to leave cause they couldn’t stand it anymore. Staff that were onsite to WANT to make students better themselves. But those type of staff never last, b/c of all the b.s from the so called higher uppers. The worse ones are the C.D., and the overall director. What everyone is saying about the C.D. is absolutely right! She had her own woman up there, not only was she a student but she was a YOUNG student. Shame on you C.D. and you know who you are! Even the amount of students vs. staff is unheard of. How can 1 staff be in charge of 60-70 guys/girls??? Who in their right mind would even work there? Well, I’ll tell you who. People that don’t know how IJC works, people that want to see trouble kids succeed, people who have their heart in the right place, people that truly care, etc. BUT those are the people that get let go, b/c their is no support for those type of staff. Lo and behold the people that I know got out of there. IJC you really need  to start cleaning house there!!” NM



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