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-“When corporate auditors came to Shriver we were warned not to tell the auditors anything. In my case, a new auditor gave me his card with his contact information on it. I Emailed him with a benign question. I was called into the deputy director’s office and was chastised for communicating personally with an auditor. I remarked, “Why would he give me his card if I wasn’t allowed to use it?” I was warned not to contact any auditor ever again. It was not my “place” to do so.”

There was another auditor from Adams Corporate Headquarters who gave me her cell phone number. I knew she would help if I ever had any questions. I was told that all my questions to auditors had to be “screened” through management, as, I was not allowed to contact them.

The DOL also came for a routine audit one time and all staff were told that we were not to speak to the auditors and if staff wanted to speak to an auditor, we had to submit a note to the CD telling her why we wanted to speak to the auditor and what our question was about. Only if our question was “approved” by the CD would we have permission to speak.

I was hoping that the DOL would speak to me because I will not be silent when I know the truth. However, they never approached me and I chose not to approach them at that time because I was still somewhat afraid of being harassed by management.

For me, the subsequent harassment and inflated written warnings I started to receive gave the impetus to not be afraid. For some reason, the more I was harassed, the stronger and more determined I became to do something about the wrong doings there.”  JCF

-“I used to work in the Records Dept at Iroquois Job Corps. I worked there for 5 1/2 years and it is the most screwed up place I have ever worked at. They talked about confidentiality yet they allowed students to do filing of the students files. I loved my job but it wasnt the easiest to get through. It is the most crooked place I have ever witnessed. There is such a large employee turnover than any business I have ever heard of. Numerous employees have so much info on the wrong doings that went on and continue to go on there.”  D

-“An interesting pattern emerges. Shriver has an unusually high turnover rate also… I remember HR used to send out the notices for job vacancies and the center used to be “abuzz” with employees saying, “Did you hear? So and so got fired? Or, did you know so and so quit without notice?”

It is said that the best companies in America have the lowest employee turnover rates. All these records are part of the public domain when a person files for unemployment. I wonder why no one has ever asked for the employee turnover rates for all the Job Corps and then compare this rate to the average turnover rate for a companies of the same size? The facts will tell the story.

Kittrell also had a very high employee turnover rate! We are paying for these programs!!!”  JCF

-“I thought this program was about enriching the lives of young adults who otherwise would not have an opportunity to better themselves. It has turned into a “what can I get out of this” program for the contractors. Students are pushed through 2 year vocational programs in approximately 10 months, with no social or employability skills. Staff are fired and not replaced, and a very, very high turnover rate for staff as well as students.

“The policies and procedures set forth in the PRH are disregarded. Data integrity, staff/student fraternization, accountability, attendance, required programs, are all disregarded. Monthly statistics are manipulated to make it look like the center is doing. Students are bribed to be on their best behavior when there is a corporate or regional review.”  JR

-“That’s what I thought also when I worked at two Job Corps Centers. I really wanted to make a difference in the lives of our kids. sadly, this is not so… I saw an emphasis on “numbers, numbers, numbers” instead of “How can we make this a quality program?”  JCF


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  1. Watergate says:

    All that these kids want is to be a part of the American Dream. A good job, a family and enough money to have a home. Yet they are treated like trash at Job Corps and they end up worse than when they came in. I got this idea that the motto at my center was that these kids don’t deserve anything decent. Job Corps gets $34,000 per student, and I didn’t see much of the money going towards the kids. For example the sheets and blankets these kids were given were something I would be ashamed to donate to a homeless shelter. The food was awful and instead of real juice the kids got sugar fake juice. Anyway I went to a job fair today and Job Corps was there. I told some people don’t work at Job Corps. I thanked the Albuquerque Police for putting up with Job Corps and they thanked me for reporting Job Corps because they would like to see it shut down or the contract with Del Jen cancelled. Del Jen is owned by Fluor and the Vice President makes around $14 million while the Job Corps staff makes below market wages and can’t afford the health insurance nor retirement. I might go to the NM Democratic Convention this weekend, if I go I’m going to let people know about Job Corps.


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