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“Knowing you’re there, I don’t feel so overwhelmed or alone out there…”

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“It’s a scandal on a national level…”

“Numerous employees have so much info on the wrong doings that went on and continue to go on there…”

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“We need national coverage. The average tax payer should be outraged…”

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“Eventually there will be an explosion…”

“Just found this site.  Wow! It is a much needed site…thanks!”

“Just reading these made my skin crawl…”

“Many of the young men and women that come to center (Job Corps) have been treated badly all of their lives, and don’t realize this (Job Corps) is a continuation of what they are trying to escape…”


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  1. OJ says:

    These allegations are all correct. The HOTS buildings at Iroquois are still there. The community liaison was housed there last. That may be fitting! (LOL) The water heater in Clemente Hall went out 4 or more times each night. The safety people had to keep relighting it. I was waiting for it to blow up. That went on for well over 2 yrs. It may still be going on. Staff is always taken to task when there is something wrong. Most of the time it is the private contractors fault. Last Christmas, they spent thousands on a Christmas party but couldn’t fix a water heater!! They can’t afford to pay overtime, to hire teachers, or keep secratarys, but never miss a party or bonus. More taxpayer money being abused. Don’t forget the rec trips for the teams no matter what, and the center director has her trip paid for also.


  2. Ex-Employee says:

    As an ex-employee (who was let go) I have to complain about the (Job Corps) focus on numbers for trades and education. I worked in the Recreation Department for a JC where the furnace blew in the winter (Late November), the furnace was not fixed, meaning no heat, until March!

    The supervisor was told to plan programs in the dorms for these months and to have a lot of off-center activities. Shortly after it was fixed there was a corporate audit where the Recreation Department was cited for poor attendance/involvement from students-how were we supposed to do that if you don’t care enough to provide heat to the Recreation building?

    Also, the following year a furnace went down in one of the academic buildings-it was fixed within a few days. As positive as this program should be, the contractors ruin it for everyone. I really want to see an in depth investigation into these places so that they can be managed better and for less taxpayer money.


    • the story seems to be the same from many Job corps Centers: focus on numbers. Job Corps is a for-profit business and unfortunately, it seems as though some of the contractors prefer to rake in higher profits instead of balancing between profit and quality. The scales seem to dip in favor of “profit.”


    • juanita says:

      I left Job Corps in “05;” at that time the condemned bldg on center was housing HOTS. It had been condemned in “04,” and money was received to replace it in “05.” For all I know it’s still there. I know 2 people on the committee that condemned the bldg. When I told OIG, they did not seem to know about it or care. Not a bit surprised about the furnace. I believe the new leach fields were put in in “04,” and because of a chum of management were destroyed in “06.” We were able to contact the original contracter and put a stop to JC suing them. At least that was 1 coup.


  3. Drew says:

    What is also sad is that many of the minor students come from parents or families that are either fed up with them or no longer have room for them or are straight from the foster care system.


  4. Drew says:

    As much as I disliked the corporation that ran our Center, I had great admiration for the students who wanted to do something for themselves despite the substandard food, the horrible living conditions, minimal programming by the social development program etc…..

    The mission of JC is great, I always felt that if it were to succeed several things needed to take place including cutting out the 16-17 year olds, most of whom didn’t have a clue as to what maintaining a job and going to work everyday means. DOL could proabably close about half the Centers and tighten up admission policies so that the young people who are serious about their education and careers could benefit. There was a large number of students at my old Center who left because of the immaturity of others. Centers should not be penalized because of students who do not want the services and are disruptive or do nothing while they are on Center.


    • juanita says:

      Correct you are. Unfortunately no one knows “who is who” until they have a chance to prove themselves. If JC were doing it’s busines instead of crunching numbers and covering up, the really bad seeds would be out of there quickly. 16 year old drop outs always seemed to be a big part of the problem. They are just drifting for a meal.


    • J. Rain says:


      I agree, the concept of the Job Corps program is beneficial to these students. However, it is the contractors (centers) that ultimately penalize the students. Yes there are students that just do not belong there, and instead of keeping these students on the roster to keep numbers up, they should be sent home. The students that want to make a difference in their lives should be given that chance, with ALL the training the PRH states. If they are enrolled in a 2-year trade, they should be on center 2-years, not 10 months.


  5. OJ says:

    Paperwork is lost all of the time. It is a JC specialty. Convienently paper work is lost or computers are cleared of reports so things look top notch. The private companies running the centers don’t seem to really care about the program, just the amount of money they make. The managers and director s are trained that way as well. They top leadership are long time JC groupies that know the tricks to get by. In my case the “good old boys from Kentucky” would show up worry about their next meal and a good time then leave.
    Bonus s at Christmas were to upper management not staff with staff being told there is no money. Christmas Parties for staff were cancelled due to lack of money, but, bonuses were delivered. That was the only day staff stayed late. Christmas of 2008 the most wonderfull IT man in the world passed away and the party went on the same day. Upper management never showed up at his funeral. That man put in over 70 hours a week and that was his reward from management, A SHOW OF DISRESPECT!!! Kind of Ironic isn’ t it????
    I do believe what goes around comes around. This blog may be helping in that area.


  6. Watergate says:

    My reviews were meets expectations and I received a great big raise of twenty four cents two weeks before I quit. They misplaced some of my training hours, so I didn’t get the big 50 cent raise. The administration took several thousand dollar bonuses and got raises.

    I was a resident advisor, or now its called “independent living advisor” since they changed our titles last year without any raise, nor did we see any paper work on it. I wrote every student up in my dorm that was AWOL and I gave consequences for being AWOL or missing curfew. The only ones that I gave a break for where situations where they could make it back because of road conditions, family or medical. I still did the write ups on these because it is DOL policy. At my center there were students that were constantly AWOL and yet it would take months before they would AWOL out. The staff and the students found the policies to be a joke, except in my dorm where we followed the DOL policies. This way if anything happened our heads wouldn’t be on a platter and the administration couldn’t use us as a scape goat. The old timers there would come to me before I quit and they told me that the center I worked at was the worse it has ever been. These people worked at Job Corps for over 20 years and they wanted out. I heard that the Job Corps run by the feds are better than the ones run by contractors. You can look up your contractor on the web site Corporate Watch. Just google it.


  7. You’re exactly right. At Shriver, we did the same thing: shuffled students around if the present month’s reports didn’t loo good enough.


  8. Drew says:

    The only justifications that the other counselors and I could come up with regarding the nearly thousand miles over two day drive I took was that a bus ticket would have created a bigger paper trail than gas receipts (though a ticket would would have been cheaper). The student was also a minor. At any rate, it was a lot of time and taxpayer expense to break the AWOL cycle, even if it were just a day. I can’t remember what time of the month it might have been. If the student did AWOL out in the next month, the Center might not have to take as big a hit.


  9. Drew says:

    Thanks for the reply. My one and only performance review was unsatisfactory based upon my challanging stuff like this with my supervisor. I was threatened with termination (I eventually left by choice but I was sure eventually, they would have got me). The student whom I picked up and then took home reported to me that he had a friend of at home did background checks on select staff for them and found that several had criminal records that were signifcant.


    • Nothing surprises me about Job Corps. I’ve heard similar stories in Emails that were sent to me privately. I’m so glad you found this site. Please check back often as. the site is updated at least once daily (sometimes more!)


  10. Drew says:

    I was a salaried career counselor for 2 years (I have since happily moved on from JC). As part of our, “other duties as assigned,” we were often required to transport students, often across the state late at night or on the weekends. In one particular instance a student had gone AWOL and I was directed to pick the student up on a Sunday, and return the student to Center to break the AWOL status. The student would then be allowed to resign on Monday. It was a 470 mile, 9 hour round trip to their home and the Center. On Monday, after much coercion from the administration to remain in JC (the student alleged among other things that they had been assaulted in the dorms); I was directed to take the student home. In the end, it was an approximately 940 mile 18 hour trip over 2 days with a fuel cost of around $250 (labor was free with almost no comp time). The student eventually AWOLed out of the program as their resignation was not accepted. The PRH clearly states that students be allowed to resign upon request; however, that was not the policy at our Center. JC is obviously not for everyone but on numerous occasions, numerous manipulative actions were utilized in an attempt to keep students who wanted to resign from leaving. Would appreciate hearing similar stories.


    • At Shriver, the counselor’s performance reviews were tied to the number of students who AWOLed out while assigned to the particular counselor. Shriver’s newsletters revealed the individual counselor’s first and last names in each published newsletter as either having “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” monthly performance based upon the number of AWOL’s per counselor. This newsletter was sent to WBL employers, local newspapers, town officials, and all Shriver staff. I complained to a few of the counselors stating, “I don’t want to know if your performance is satisfactory or not based on events you can’t control.”

      Shriver counselors were also directed to pick students up and return them back to center to invalidate their AWOL status. (Is this voluntary???)

      Also, I complained to HR and my supervisor because a student came to me crying, saying that she didn’t want to fill out the DOL survey. She told me that she didn’t want to lie on the survey and just wanted to refuse to take part in it. I told her that she was allowed to refuse to respond to the survey per the PRH.

      She again came to me the next day crying, saying that she was woken up at 11:00 PM by dorm staff and told she had to fill out the survey. It was not an option to refuse.


    • juanita says:

      That’s really strange. Why not a bus ticket and a drop at the station? Could there be any reason they wanted you off center? Any how I’m very familiar with how salaried employees were worked to the max. One friend of mine said he averaged 4.50 an hr, in some months.


      • In my first year and a half at Shriver I worked on average 45 – 50 hours per week. At least twice per week I was over scheduled for meetings and required tasks and didn’t have time for lunch breaks. I was “required ” however, to note on my time card that I had a 30 minute lunch break, when I did not. My last six months at Shriver I refused to lie and put a lunch break down when I did not take one.


      • Hi Juanita, Job Corps is ultimately responsible for the student so, I think they wanted to cover themselves where liability was concerned; it was often required that a counselor accompany a student back and forth.


      • juanita says:

        that makes sense. I’ve never noticed Job Corp to give a flick about any student enough to pay extra.


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