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2008 Tulsa Job Corps Center OIG Report

“OIG audits continue to raise significant concerns about Job Corps’s ability to report accurate and reliable financial and performance data. For example, over the past few years, we have identified shortcomings in the reporting of on-board strength and attendance at a number of centers, areas where we have consistently noted problems. An audit of the Tulsa Job Corps Center substantiated a hotline allegation that the center inappropriately infl ated on-board strength. It is essential for Job Corps to have reliable, accurate, and timely data so that the Department can evaluate how well contractors are providing services. The OIG has recommended that Job Corps improve its monitoring and oversight to improve performance and financial accountability of contractors.”

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  1. Watergate says:

    Sometimes I feel like letting the local anti-war group “Stop the War Machine” know that the contractor for the Albuquerque Job Corps is an Iraq and defense contractor. They would protest Job Corps if they knew this, because they are an old hippie group that haven’t stopped protesting since the 1960’s. The thought of all those hippies protesting Job Corps warms my heart.


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