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More on Whistleblowers from Facebook…

Excerpt From Facebook Group “Whistleblowers United”

Whistleblowers are the canary in the coal mine. Often threatened when they come forward with information detailing corporate and governmental wrong doing. When that wrong doing involves crimes such as mass killing or corporate theft the lives of whistle-blowers is put in jeopardy. When governments and corporations increasingly resort to secrecy to prevent their criminal behaviour from becoming known we, the people, have nobody but the whistleblower to rely upon for the unvarnished truth. Support whistleblowers now. Help to create an environment in which whistleblowers can be certain that their actions will receive support internationally. The world is so interdependent that one person blowing the whistle in Africa is bound to have ripples everywhere. These people are heroes. Governments and corporations rely on your silence and acquiescence – by speaking up in support of the whistleblower you, by the power of one, destroy their capacity to bury the truth. Support Truth. Support the Whistleblower.”

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